What are Free Online Slots?

Regardless of how much money you have, free stuff is always a good thing. Does this saying sound familiar to you? It is especially true for online casino enthusiasts who would like to have fun without the commitment of spending money. Nowadays, free online slots at casinos come with different themes and high-definition graphics, thrilling soundtracks and features, making them similar to the video games you would play, so free slots are an excellent choice for sheer entertainment. What else should you know about free slots?

Play Free Slots for Fun

The most popular way of free entertainment for casino players is slot machine games. Free online slots refer to the online slot machines that you can enjoy and try your luck without the need to wager real money.

These games are designed to be played for fun without putting too much thought into them. Though you don’t spend your cash on this type of entertainment, it is a neat way to pass your time without risking your money.

Apart from the fact that you don’t have to spend a cent, free online slots are precisely the same as the slot machines you will find at online gaming spots.

They are very dynamic, so you will be entertained even though you are not taking risks. Also, free slots come with awesome graphics and exciting themes.

Another way to make playing slot games for free fun and exciting is competing with your friends. Though you cannot play one-on-one, some gaming platforms offer free competitions where you can try to beat your friends. EkstraPoint hosts daily and weekly competitions at some of the best free online slot machines. Apart from playing slots with free coins, you can snatch real money prizes and earn bonus points if you become the competition winner. This makes spinning the reels for free really rewarding.

Online slot games are generally accessed through a free mode version of the slot, and there are many benefits of playing them, no matter if you are new to playing slots or a veteran.

Why play Free Online Slots?

“Why play free slots when you can’t win any money?” you ask. First of all, by playing free games, you will get familiar with a new game or practise your skills without any cost. This is especially important if you are a rookie and don't have gambling experience at any casino slot game. If your goal is to play real money slots at some online casinos, free online slots are a great way to get familiar with the games and how everything works.

However, if you are not a novice casino player, playing slots for fun will help you understand a new slot game, and in the long run, you will improve your strategies, which ultimately will increase your chances of winning real money. Free online slots have the same gameplay as the real deal, so what you learn while laying for free will definitely pay off later.

Another reason is that slots come with a different variance, which refers to that game’s risk. This will especially come in handy for players with a smaller budget that would prefer low-variance titles.

Free Slots with Rewards

Occasionally, players will be able to find free slots with some additional benefits. Though playing free slots does not pay real money, you still have the potential to receive some extra offers. As we mentioned playing free slots competitions at EkstraPoint can get you additional points that you can use in the shop to spoil yourself with an item or a bonus. 

For you to fully enjoy free slots, remember to find a reliable online gaming venue where these games don’t require additional downloads and can be played directly in your web or mobile browser.

At EkstraPoint, we have turned out selected slots into free online slots. We offer loads of free fun, without the need to deposit real money. Playing slots for free at EkstraPoint, means you always win! The benefits are:

  • free entertainment 
  • Accumulation of EkstraPoints (EP)

For additional excitement, we have crafted free daily and weekly competitions that you can join in for free and compete with another player for more exciting rewards, including loads of points or real money prizes. If you start playing today, you may become the lucky winner and seize real-money rewards. At the moment, the ongoing free real-money competitions are on these slots:


  • Monsters competition will grants you 100,000 EP
  • Slot Mountain which grants you 25,000 EP and €50 if you win the competition
  • Classical Fruits which gives you 25,000 EP and €25 for the first place
  • Pirates grants you 25,000 EP and €25 for the first place
  • Trillionaire grants you 25,000 EP and €25 for the first place
  • Sin City II gives you 25,000 EP and €25 for the first place
  • Juicy Jackpot gives you 25,000 EP and €25 for the first place

How to Play free online slots?

If you are totally unfamiliar with slot games, you need to learn some general information about the types of slots and their features. Otherwise, even spinning the slots for free can be boring because you will not understand what is going on in the game.

Slot machines are actually the most straightforward game you can play at online casinos. The simple reason for it is that they use the Random Number Generator, so your gameplay decisions will not have an immense effect on the game's payout and outcome. However, you need to learn what slot sites to choose, which title to select, and you need to know when to stop playing.

Types of online slots

Both free online slots and real slots can have different numbers of reels, rows, payouts, fun themes, features and cash prizes. Some slot players choose slot titles depending on their theme. Among the most popular themes are Egyptian Slots, Fantasy Slots, Irish Slots, Jewel-Themed Slots, Quests, Warrior and Godesses and many more.

New slot players should also know that every slot comes with a Return to Player Percentage (RTP), which is actually the long-term payout made to the player.

  • We call 3-reel slots classic slots because they mimic the fruit slot machines you can play at land-based casinos. Classic slots are the easiest to play and understand. You need to match the symbols along the top, middle or bottom row to win. 
  • As you become more experienced, you can move from the classic three-reel slots to five-reel video slots, including more paylines, more symbols, and additional winning combinations, thus a greater chance of winning a cash prize. These types of video slot games include features like scatters, wilds and higher-paying symbols.
  • Jackpot Slots and Progressive Jackpots are very popular, rewarding players with bonus spins, slot bonuses and jackpot prizes. Jackpot slots will have a fixed sum of jackpots to win. With progressive jackpot games, each player contributes towards the prize pool, which will increase with each wager. The more players wager, the greater the prize will be. Some massive jackpot slots can even reach an award of millions in cash.
  • Mobile Slots can be traditional 3-reel or 5 reel slots, but they can also be modern slots with many bonus features. These slot games are specifically created to work smoothly on mobile devices, meaning that they will be scalable to every screen and have the best graphic quality.

Slot Features

Video slot games come with many exciting features. Some common ones to get familiar with are :

  • Scatter symbols and Wilds

Scatters are slot fans' best friends. They can land on any reel and reward you with incredible wins. Wild symbols replace all other symbols, except for the scatter and completes winning paylines. Wilds come in many forms, including sticky wilds, cascading wilds, expanding and stacked wilds.

  • Slot Bonuses and Free Spins

The bonus round in slots is accessed when you land specific symbols. Free spins are the most coveted bonus feature and can boost your winning outcome.

Other features to mention are the number of paylines, multipliers, cascading symbols and several more. Therefore, we suggest before you switch to changing real money games, try several popular slots for free to understand the gameplay and learn from the many features. The cool thing is that free online slots come with slots bonuses and standard features.


Where can I play free slots online?

EkstraPoint is the place to be when it comes to free slot machines. Here you will find hundreds of free online slots to play along with other online casino games by leading software developers.

Can I play free slots on a mobile device?

Yes, most popular titles can be played on all mobile devices without downloading the game.

Can I get a bonus playing free slots?

Some free online slots pay real money. At EkstraPoint, apart from the best casino offers from recommended casinos, we offer you the chance to win real money on slot machines by joining in at free tournaments.

What are the best free online casinos to play free slots?

On our page you can find the best online casinos with thousands of slot machinses that you can play for free or for real money.

Are free online slots the same as real-money slot games?

Yes! The gameplay is the same, and even the bonus features are identical to their real-money equivalent.

Do I need to download a mobile app to play free online slots?

When you play slots for free, there is no need to download anything.

Are free online slots really free?

Yes, they are. At EkstraPoint. you can find hundreds of free slots to play, and we will charge you absolutely nothing.

Are online slots random?

Slots run on Random Number Generator software. Which makes the outcome of the game random.

Can I play free slots offline?

You can only play free online slots without an internet connection, if you have downloaded an online casino suite to your phone or desktop

Can you cheat the Random Number Generator on slot games?

No, there is no possibility to cheat the RNG

Will the amount of money I deposit influence the gameplay?

No. Your deposit onlu influences the value of the bonuses. But, you can also unlock some slot features that require higher betting levels. This is especially important for the Progressive Jackpots

Do different online casinos offer different online slot machines?

Yes, of course. Different online casinos offer different slot titles. The best casinos will have a diverse slot collection by various game providers.

Are free online slots addictive?

Free online slots are a fun way to pass your time. The game is simple and the outcome is always random. Thus, it atttract players to try slots for real money. We suggest that yuo always play responsible since gambling can be addictive sometimes.

Is the payout percentage different when you play real-money slots?

Yes, the percentage can vary, that is why it is important to read game reviews, which give information of the RTP because free slots don't show the payout percentage.

Why do most online slots use fruit symbols?

These symbols were originally used in physical slots found in land-based casinos. The use of these symbols is part of the gambling history.

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