Increased EP bonus on various casino deals

Do you love gaining more when you play? In that case, we have some fantastic news. When you register at your favourite casinos via EkstraPoint, you can get EP points, which you can use for purchasing different products in our shop! We have just raised the amounts of points we give, so your gaming experience will be even more lucrative…

Get even more out of EkstraPoint…

Because who doesn’t love bonuses? Ekstrapoints are our very own currency, which you can get simply by doing what you love to do anyways; playing! 

To make your time at EkstraPoint even more fun and lucrative, we have just raised the amounts of EP points you will get by registering to the following casinos via EkstraPoint; Wild Jackpots, Unirkn, Playzee and Dunder Casino! All of these will now give you even 40 000 EP once you register! Notice that the offer for Wild Jackpots is only available in Norway, but when it comes to all the rest, it doesn’t matter where you are located at, EP points will rush into your account!

You can use the EkstraPoints in our EkstraPoint loyalty shop to purchase either fantastic products, or amazing casino bonuses to boost your gambling experience! Collect points, rise on our loyalty program levels, and get even more fantastic rewards!

Play in the free competitions

No only that you can get EkstraPoints by registering to different casinos, you can also get them by joining in our free weekly competitions. Daily you will be awarded with credits to each slot machine, where you can simply spin the wheels. Remember to keep an eye on the leaderboard, so you can see how much you end up winning! Prizes include EkstraPoints and real cash...

Find you next favourite casino

And we don’t stop here. We want our players truly to have best gaming experience possible, in all the best casinos there are available! You can find your next favourite casino and game in our casino and game reviews section. We only introduce the very best, safe options, so you can have secure, fun time online! 

Recent EkstraPoint Updates (2021)

Find out about the latest news and updates at EkstraPoint, be the first to learn about new casino offers...Show more

Find out about the latest news and updates at EkstraPoint, be the first to learn about new casino offers and bonuses, new online casino reviews and game reviews, new products added to the EkstraPoint loyalty shop, news about claiming rewarding welcome offers, our free slot competitions and more! We’ll be sure to update you about all the new online casino and games changes here on Ekstrapoint, stay tuned!

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5 / 5 Amazing
Great support and in a no time treats. And the games are also fun to play, free and at last you can win Ekstrapoints with which you can buy bonus money in different online casinos.
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5 / 5 Amazing
Spero che vincerò qualcosa.Comunque mi diverto
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5 / 5 Amazing
I'm pleasantly surprised with the site. I'll visit often.