How Can You Use Bitcoins to Play at PlayAmo Casino?

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Lite Coin. These might be familiar names to you, since all of them are popular crypto currencies. They are fantastic options for payment methods to use when you are playing in online casinos. They make payments even faster and more safe, which is already a great reason to choose them! Here you can read how you can actually use them at PlayAmo Casino!

Best BitCoin casino there is!

PlayAmo is truly a fantastic gambling location. Nevertheless, there is one aspect that makes them stand out from the rest. This aspect is their usage of bitcoins and other crypto currencies. 

You might wonder what is so special about these payment options and how to even use them. Bitcoins and other crypto currencies have been one of the most talked subjects in all markets, and now online casinos are also joining in the vagon. 

Crypto currencies are fantastic alternatives for the traditional payment methods such as VISA, Mastercard, and other online bank transfer methods. In a nutshell, they are usually faster and even safer than the traditional options. This makes them a great payment method to choose. 

How to use crypto currencies?

When you decide to join in Playamo casino online by using playamo login feature, you merely need to choose the payment method as bitcoins or other crypto currencies. They work in similar ways to other payment methods. Yes, it is just that simple. 

You need to take into consideration if you wish to claim PlayAmo Bonus options? If you wish to use the fantastic bonus that we introduce in our PlayAmo Casino review, you need to know that none of the bonuses are available for crypto currencies. 

There is no Playamo no deposit bonus offered, but other bonuses are available. For none of them you need to use a special Playamo bonus code, but make sure that you always use the traditional payment method, if you wish to take advantage of them.

Which Crypto currencies I can use at Play Amo casino?

Additionally to bitcoins, there are other crypto currencies you may use at PlayAmo Online casino. All of these methods share some common factors. For example, all them are instant, and have minimal limitations. Additionally, they are in fact very safe and you can use them for deposits and withdrawals 

As methods, you may use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, DogeCoin, Lite Coin and Tether. Below you can find the limits for withdrawals and deposit:



  • Minimum from BTC to BTC deposit 0.001BTC
  • Minimum BTC to EUR deposit 0.003BTC
  • No Maximum deposit amount


  • Minimum deposit 0.01ETH
  • No Maximum deposit amount

Bitcoin Cash

  • Minimum deposit 0.01BCH
  • No Maximum deposit amount


  • Minimum deposit 1500DOGE
  • No Maximum deposit amount

Lite Coin

  • Minimum deposit 0.1LTC
  • No Maximum deposit amount


  • Minimum deposit 10USDT
  • No Maximum deposit amount



  • Minimum BTC to BTC withdrawal 0.001BTC & Maximum withdrawal 2BTC
  • Minimum BTC to eeur withdrawal 0.003BTC & Maximum withdrawal 2BTC


  • Minimum withdrawal 0.01ETH 
  • Maximum withdrawal 5ETH

Bitcoin Cash

  • Minimum withdrawal 0.01BCH
  • Maximum withdrawal 5BCH


  • Minimum withdrawal 1500DOGE 
  • Maximum withdrawal 700 000DOGE

Lite Coin

  • Minimum withdrawal 0.1LTC
  • Maximum withdrawal 30LTC


  • Minimum withdrawal 20USDT
  • Maximum withdrawal 4000USDT

How to take more out of the casino experience?

As we mentioned, if you choose to use crypto currencies as payment methods, you are not able to claim any bonuses at PlayAmo casino. Nevertheless, if you Read PlayAmo review here at EkstraPoint, and use the link provided there, you can claim our fantastic bonus! In other words, we have created a fantastic loop hole, so in the end, there is no reason not to use bitcoins and other currencies when you play at this online casino. 

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