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A few words about us

We are EkstraPoint – the first reward and loyalty platform to offer free-to-play online casino games competitions.

Yes, this might sound like a lot of words, but what it basically means is that:

Whenever you want to play at free online casinos, we will be happy to have you at EkstraPoint

Looking for free online casinos to play? We’ve got it. What about competitions? We’ve got those, too!  Not only do we have free online casino slots, but we also constantly have competitions. So, if the competitive edge is your strong side, you can enjoy various competitions in a community with over 100.000 members!

Loyalty = Rewards! This is our motto. As a loyalty and reward platform, your actions on this site are rewarded in EkstraPoints, our very own currency.

Use all your loyalty points to buy casino bonuses and play at actual online casinos


Is Ekstrapoint an online casino loyalty program?

You can say that EkstraPoint serves as a loyalty program not to one but to all the online casinos listed on EkstraPoint. What we, as a team, basically do is that we connect with different online casino brands.

Now, for each user that signs up for an online casino or some of the casino bonuses, no deposit bonuses, or welcome bonus offers through our platform, we reward points to your EkstraPoint account. And the thrill doesn’t end here because every time you play on an online casino brand through your EkstraPoint account, every time your points balance on EkstraPoint will grow.

As you collect points over time, you can progress in our EkstraPoint level system, get special rewards from our Support team and exclusive insights and get the best casino offers, ranging from free spins to welcome bonuses, directly in your inbox.


Why Ekstrapoint is the best place to play free slots

🎰 New and modern slots each week

You really don’t have to test out new slot releases on real online casinos. We covered that part for you by partnering with some of the finest game developers on the market. That’s how we are able to offer you a new slot and free casino fun each week.

🎰 Excellent Trustpilot score

We are on the market for 5 years now. Several upgrades, thousands of players, and an excellent Trustpilot score of more than 850 reviews. Our users are from all over the world and they have 1 thing in common – they all love Ekstrapoint!

🎰 2 billion+ points

As a loyalty and reward gaming platform, it’s fair to say that we have given over 2 billion+ points in rewards to our loyal users. It really does pay off to play on Ekstrapoint.