Casinos in NJ that never opened

Casinos in NJ that never opened

Casinos open and close all the time, but what are some of the casinos in New Jersey that were just never meant to be? In this article, we’ll go over the different casinos in New Jersey that were meant to open, but never did.

Was it meant to be?

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Another topic we think it’ll be of interest to our beloved NJ players. Namely, in this article, we’ll be writing about the numerous casinos which were planned for opening but because of various reasons they never did. What’s the story behind these NJ casinos and why weren’t they meant to be? Stay tuned for the latest information and read our exciting articles to always be in the game.  

Atlantic City is the first place where online gambling was legalized in the US by NJ voters in 1976, later officially signed by the governor in 1977. Right after the legalization, there were people who wanted to invest in opening new casinos but due to lack of finances and a poorly organized licensing plan, those casinos were unfortunately never opened. Some of them were stopped in the middle of the process and some of them didn’t even manage to start the opening process. Some of them like Dunes and the Penthouse managed to get to the construction phase but that was about it.  

We will mention some of these unfortunate casinos that could maybe have had great potential if they’d opened. 

Better Luck Next time

One of the unfortunate casinos that never had the chance to open is the Marina Casino. It was actually planned to be a Hotel and a Casino. The company called American Land was supposed to fund the casino and open it but due to misleading investors the project had to be stopped and the company faced charges. In the same area in 1979, there was another plan to build a hotel-casino which unfortunately also didn’t happen. This one was announced by the American Motor Inns.

A company called AC Gateway LLC purchased multiple land properties in 2006 to build a hotel-casino on Albany Avenue and the Boardwalk called Atlantic Beach Resort and Casino. A great deal of money was invested in it but due to an economic crisis, the project was stopped in 2009.

In 1979 there was a plan for a 31- story casino by the Atlantic Land Limited but in the next year, their office closed so the plan didn’t work. 

The marina area in NJ is quite popular so there were multiple plans for opening hotel-casinos there, like the Atlantis Hotel Casino that was supposed to be opened in this area, but the land was sold 3 years later and the casino didn’t open. 

Benihana Hotel-Casino which was also to be opened was funded by Japanese investors but the project was sold and Benihana didn’t have much luck. 

On the same spot where the Traymore Hotel was years ago, Caesars World Inc. wanted to open a casino called Caesars Palace and they even bought a licence but they never built anything on the land which was later sold. 

There was a famous restaurant on Maine Avenue called Captain Starn’s Restaurant. This restaurant was famous for its location and that’s why multiple investors wanted to buy the place to build a casino but they were turned down. 

The Levin Computer Corporation, along with Hotel Associates were also planning to build a casino in the marina area which was going to be called Casino by the Sea. The owner of the company simply had a better deal and sold the property. In the same area, a Casino named Royale Vista was supposed to happen but the same destiny with the selling of the land happened to Royale Vista. 

A company named the Holiday Inns in 1979 brought the Chalfonte Hotel from Resorts Casino with a plan to develop it and open it but the project was postponed and eventually never happened.

In 1979 there was an idea to open a hotel-casino from the Context Industries, Inc. company but unfortunately, that was just about it - an idea. 

First Artists Production Company

The First Artists Production Company purchased lands in Atlantic City to open a hotel-casino which was later sold to the Penthouse Boardwalk Hotel and Casino project.

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino which was to be opened in 2010 in Atlantic City was never opened due to lack of finances. Millions were invested in this project but eventually, it didn’t have the luck to open. 

These casinos are only a few of those who never had the chance to open. Some of the companies and investors didn’t have the finances to make their plans into reality, some of them just had to sell the properties to richer and bigger investors and companies, but however, NJ with its Atlantic City, North Bergen, Clifton, Secaucus and Union places had the fortune to have some of the best casinos in the world despite those which never opened. NJ players can rest assured that they can enjoy physical and online gambling at any time for the casinos that are “up and running” are waiting for their loyal customers.

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