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EkstraPoint FAQ

Discover all the exciting deals EkstraPoint offers, inform on how to get free spins every day, collect bonuses, claim best offers, and earn Ekstrapoints to use in our loyalty shop on casino bonuses or special products. In this FAQ, we help you get started with your membership.

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How do I collect my EkstraPoints?

As you earn EkstraPoints they will be automatically transferred to your account, and you will be able to immediately use them in our loyalty shop on casino bonuses or special products.

Why aren’t my EkstraPoint registered to my account?

ExtraPoints might not be transferred to your account if you haven’t confirmed your email address. Earned EkstraPoints will be transferred to your account once you register to the free Ekstrapoint membership.

How do I earn EkstraPoints?

You earn Ekstrapoints by registering for a free Ekstrapoint membership with your email address. In addition, you can link your Google account, Facebook profile, and add your mobile phone number to earn more Ekstrapoints. Every time you play casino or bingo with our partners you earn Ekstrapoints. The more slot machine and casino games you play, the more chances you have in winning Ekstrapoints.

What are Ekstrapoint levels?

There are eight main levels that players can unlock at Ekstrapoint: VIP, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Black Diamond, Black Card and Casino God. Each of these levels are divided into three sub-levels. For each level you unlock, you earn more casino bonuses and earn more ExtraPoints.

How do I change levels?

Each time you earn EkstraPoints, your ExtraPoint account balance increases. Each level requires a certain amount of points before it automatically upgrades to a new level. You can see how many ExtraPoints you need to collect in order to level up, and what bonuses you get at each level on the "What is ExtraPoint?" page.

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What is a level up bonus, and how do I get it?

You receive a bonus every time you level up. For example, when you upgrade from Silver III to Gold I level you also get a "treasure chest" level up bonus, which is an extra bonus of EkstraPoints.

How many EkstraPoints do I earn when I play?

If you sign up to play with one of our partners, you will receive a certain amount of EkstraPoints as soon as we have registered your sign up. If you are already registered to Ekstrapoint, we automatically connect your ExtraPoint account to the casino accounts you want to play with. Please note that if this action isn’t triggered automatically, it may be because you have used a different email address. When you are signed up, you get ExtraPoints: every time you deposit money with one of our partner casinos. It doesn’t matter how much money you deposit - you always get the same amount of EkstraPoints. Once you have completed the 10x playthrough requirements. The number of ExtraPoints you get depends on the individual casino or bingo site, but you can always see how many ExtraPoints you can earn on the casino offer itself.

How do I connect my casino account with EkstraPoint?

If you have an account with one of our partner casinos, you must connect your Ekstrapoint account before we can start registering your ExtraPoints. You can connect your EkstraPoint account by registering to play on a given casino through the Ekstrapoint site.

What is the difference of accumulated and available EkstraPoints?

Accumulated ExtraPoints are all of the ExtraPoints you have collected since you created your account on The accumulated EkstraPoints determine your level status. Every time you use EkstraPoints, for example, in our loyalty shop, the number of available Extrapoints is subtracted from your account balance. For example, if you have collected 100,000 EP, and you use 20,000 EP in the loyalty shop on casino bonuses or on special products, the number of accumulated will be subtracted from your account, and your balance will show 80,000 EP of available ExtraPoints.

How do I join the free competitions?

When you play on one of the slot machines on our free competitions page, you automatically join the free competitions. The more you play, your chances of winning Ekstrapoints increase. It’s a win-win!

How much can I win in the free competitions?

You can read more about the competition rules for given slot machines on the competition terms page.

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I’ve signed up with two profiles by mistake, what do I do now?

If you have earned Ekstrapoints on both of the registered profiles you can merge the two profiles together. However, this requires that you have full ownership of both profiles. For example, you cannot merge your profile with someone else’s profile. Once the profiles are merged, you may find that some of the ExtraPoints are missing. This is because there are some bonuses that you can only get once, such as the bonus you receive when you sign up.