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    How does Ekstrapoint work?

    Your Ekstrapoint journey starts by creating an account through the sign-up form.
    There are three ways to create an Ekstrapoint account:  

    • Connect your Facebook profile
    • Connect your Google account 
    • Create an account using your e-mail

    Ekstrapoint has partnered up with some of the best game providers on the market to bring you the most modern and fun slots!

    • Test your luck with one of the many free slots we offer for fun 
    • Competitiveness is your strong side?
      Join the daily, weekly, or monthly competitions and try to beat the rest of the Ekstrapointers

    It’s important to win points, because on Ekstrapoint, 

    Points = cash! 👀

    • Every time you visit Ekstrapoint, we reward you with points 
    • Complete your profile, and receive extra Ekstra points
    • Each time you play one of our free slot competitions, we reward you with points
    • Win a competition, now there’s one big fat point reward coming in your way

    As we’ve said, points on Ekstrapoint turn into cash for the ones who want to go the extra mile.
    Now, how do you do that?

    • 30.000 points = 5 EUR
    • 50.000 points = 10 EUR
    • 235.000 points = 50 EUR
      (and so on…)

    With enough points, head to our Ekstrapoint shop, and buy real casino bonuses with your points!

    The point system, partnerships with online casinos, and more

    • We designed Ekstrapoint as the place to be when you want to have fun, when you want to chill out, and when you want to get in the ring and show your true competitive spirit.

    And what makes this experience fun is the point system. 

    • The point system 

    To wrap it in a nutshell, the more you play on Ekstrapoint, or to be even more precise, the more you win on Ekstrapoint, the more points you get. Ekstrapoint is a model that appreciates loyal and happy customers. That is why we offer so many rewards in return. 

    And the best part? These points can turn into real money! With our casino partners, we offer you the possibility to buy real casino bonus packages with your points!

    • Partnerships with online casinos 

    At this point, you must be asking how are we able to turn points into cash. 

    Besides the modern and free slots we have, Ekstrapoint is also a loyalty and reward program that has partnered with numerous top online casinos. 

    Currently, we are under an agreement with the following casino brands which you can visit and play with the money collected on Ekstrapoint.

    *Terms and conditions apply. Different casinos are available on different country legislation. Please check what casinos are available in your country.

    A few words about Ekstrapoint

    And somewhere in the middle, let’s meet properly.

    We are EkstraPoint – the first reward and loyalty platform to offer free-to-play online casino games and competitions.

    Yes, this might sound like a lot of words, but what it basically means is that:

    ✅ Whenever you want to play at free online casinos, we will be happy to have you at EkstraPoint

    ✅ Looking for free online casinos to play? We’ve got it. What about competitions? We’ve got those, too!  Not only do we have free online casino slots, but we also constantly have competitions. So, if the competitive edge is your strong side, you can enjoy various competitions in a community with over 100.000 members!

    ✅ Loyalty = Rewards! This is our motto. As a loyalty and reward platform, your actions on this site are rewarded in EkstraPoints, our very own currency.

    ✅ Use all your loyalty points to buy casino bonuses and play at actual online casinos

    How many people play on Ekstrapooint?

    EkstraPoint is home to more than 100.000 casino players, and the EkstraPoint family continues to grow with each passing day.

    One of the coolest EkstraPoint facts is that since we started working, we have provided over 2 billion EkstraPoints. What a time to be alive and play on EkstraPoint!

    Why Ekstrapoint is the best place to play free slots?

    🎰 New and modern slots each week 

    You really don’t have to test out new slot releases on real online casinos. We covered that part for you by partnering with some of the finest game developers on the market. That’s how we are able to offer you a new slot and free casino fun each week. 

    🎰 Excellent Trustpilot score 

    We are on the market for 5 years now. Several upgrades, thousands of players, and an excellent Trustpilot score of more than 850 reviews. Our users are from all over the world and they have 1 thing in common – they all love Ekstrapoint! 

    🎰 2 billion+ points 

    As a loyalty and reward gaming platform, it’s fair to say that we have given over 2 billion+ points in rewards to our loyal users. It really does pay off to play on Ekstrapoint.

    Is Ekstrapoint an online casino loyalty program?

    You can say that EkstraPoint serves as a loyalty program not to one but to all the online casinos listed on EkstraPoint. What we, as a team, basically do is that we connect with different online casino brands.

    Now, for each user that signs up for an online casino or some of the casino bonuses, no deposit bonuses, or welcome bonus offers through our platform, we reward points to your EkstraPoint account. And the thrill doesn’t end here because every time you play on an online casino brand through your EkstraPoint account, every time your points balance on EkstraPoint will grow.

    As you collect points over time, you can progress in our EkstraPoint level system, get special rewards from our Support team and exclusive insights and get the best casino offers, ranging from free spins to welcome bonuses, directly in your inbox.

    online casino loyalty program

    Play free online casino & win real money September 2023 casino has a welcome offer of up to 1000 euros and 1000 free spins, not to mention the 3000 EP coins you get as a bonus. With Mr.Play casino, you can claim a 200 euro bonus + 100 free slot spins. Or maybe you’re a bigger fan of the promotions run by Casumo casino, which currently offers 1200 bonus plus 200 free spins on their slots.

    Not only does EkstraPoint give you access to casino bonuses and bonus codes, but we have the whole shebang. Welcome bonus? Check. Deposit bonus? Check. Slots? Check. If you’re a new player on the hunt for a casino bonus, this is it.

    Enjoy the best selection of online casinos

    We’ve got your back. EkstraPoint reviews and finds the best online casinos, so you don’t have to. Our ambitious team constantly updates our database with all the relevant information, so you can make a well-researched decision about which online casino is the best fit for you. On EkstraPoint, you can find the best online casinos from Europe, Canada and the US.

    All the way from deposit methods, withdrawal methods, and game providers to languages. With a simple filter selection, you can even look up online casinos matching your exact criteria through our filter system. In a world with thousands of online casinos, we can imagine how much of a bummer it would be if you end up spending your time at some shady casino. We truly hope to earn your trust and be your advisor in the online casino world. And since EkstraPoint is the biggest online casino community, we hope you can also help fellow users by adding your reviews in the comments.

    Each online casino has a number of casino games they offer their players, ranging from online slots and card games to live casino games and fixed odds games.

    However, licensed casinos are hard to find, and nobody wants fraudulent scams and hidden pitfalls in wager requirements. This is where EkstraPoint steps in! We handpick the best online casinos and constantly update casino reviews, so you always know where and how you can easily win real money and find free slots with real prizes.

    online casino

    Top online casinos – EkstraPoint

    At EkstraPoint, we take joy in discovering top casinos for our customers and present everything from free spins to deposit bonuses, and real money offers to our loyal players. We provide customers with the best quality casino brands, top online casino promotions and great bonus deals to present them with an extremely enjoyable casino experience and win EkstraPoints.

    Here you will find the best casino bonuses only accessible at trusted online casinos. Make your gaming experience a memorable one and browse the specially selected bonuses just for you. All the casinos we recommend have:

    • Licenses, fully functional software platforms, and straightforward payment methods
    • Lots of top casino games and slot choices
    • High-value bonuses, free spins and other attractive promotions
    • Excellent user experience whether you’re on your desktop or mobile device
    • Acceptable wagering requirements and great customer service

    Dive into our top-notch online casino library as we present you with the top 10 carefully curated casino picks every month that guarantee the best experience.

    The hub of top-notch online casino games & slots

    With the growing number of online casinos on the net, it is getting harder for every player to choose a safe and fun casino to play at, but with the special selection of 300 games in total, EkstraPoint makes it easy for you to “fall in love” with our gaming experience.

    By partnering with top casinos online, EkstraPoint allows you to earn or spend credits elsewhere with their special membership deals. You can use your earned EkstraPoints to buy casino bonuses in our loyalty shop. This gives a special feel that you win even when you lose because, with every spin, you get irreversible EkstraPoints that are yours to take and keep, and you have the liberty to play or cash them. Talk about a win-win situation.

    Slots apps with real rewards

    Play free slots and win real prizes! Yes, you heard well! EkstraPoint is a loyalty website that offers users free spins every day. Daily playing on our slot games with real prizes increases your chances to win real cash or EkstraPoints. If you love casino games and like to play slots for prizes, EkstraPoint is the place to be. It is free to join, and the fun part is that – you always win. In addition to playing at EkstraPoint, there’s also the option to play for real money at the best slot games. There are no hidden fees or registration requirements; you play as you go and decide to quit or raise wages anytime you, please.

    Free spins, slot games & never-ending fun

    Free slot games? You want it – we have it. You came to the right place if you want some casino excitement. And it’s all for free. EkstraPoint is home to top-class-free online slot games. You can enjoy our free slot games and stack-up points on your account simultaneously. Awesome right?

    The best part is that our dedicated team constantly works on technical solutions to bring even more games onto our platform, so you are the first to enjoy the latest and most popular games, fresh out of the oven.

    Good news for all casino fans, you can join weekly contests and play for over 1 Million EkstraPoints. When you participate in these competitions by playing on the best slots machine lines daily with real rewards for which, you get free spins for all slot machines every day. There’s a new competition every week, and you can track your rank on the total scoreboard. All the points you win from your ranking on weekly competitions will determine your overall score – based on which weekly winners are determined and placement prizes are awarded. The fun part is: first-place winners get real money prizes. Start spinning casino games with real rewards today and win a lot of EkstraPoints and cash prizes! If you’re looking for slot apps with real rewards, you’ve come to the right place.

    How to find the best online casino bonuses?

    We imagine that new players want to find the best deposit bonus, the best bonus code, and the offer with the biggest bonus amount. Maybe they’re on the lookout for free cash deals, casino promotions, free rewards, and so forth. Maybe that new player is you, and if it is, don’t worry you’ve landed on the right page.

    Here we have the best welcome bonus for various casinos. Whether you’re looking for something with the first deposit, bonus offers, deals on slots, free spins, it’s all easy to claim it. We have bonus deals for Dreamz casino; we have bonus deals for 24Bettle casino, we have casino bonuses for Unibet casino, casino bonuses for Pronto Casino, bonus offers from CasinoCasino, deposit bonuses at Premier Live Casino, deposit bonus at GoSlotty casino, and many more! In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find any webpage with more bonus offers and bonus codes than here. If you’re on the lookout for a live casino bonus, you’re definitely at the end of your search.

    Best online casino offers

    Looking for the latest and greatest casino offers? Well, you’ve certainly come to the right page! Whether you’re looking for a no-deposit bonus, welcome bonus offers for new players, free spins for slots, or just casino promotions, EkstraPoint has covered you! A great online casino bonus isn’t always easy to come by, and it depends on whether you’re looking for a bonus amount, a bonus code, what sort of bonus offers, and, just in general, what sort of casino bonuses you’re on the lookout for. Every week, we’re on the lookout for new casino and game promotions, free bonus deals, free spins on your favorite slots, and all the other awesome casino bonuses new players might be interested in.

    free online casino

    Fresh new casino bonus offers at your fingertips

    We have partnerships with some of the biggest online casinos on the internet, and through that provide you with the best welcome bonus that new players could want. The bonus amount on the online casinos will vary with each offer, but generally speaking, they’re already great. Some give out free cash as you sign up, others have a specific welcome bonus, and other online casinos focus on a deposit bonus or a no-deposit bonus. Of course, plenty of online casinos also focus on offering welcome bonuses and deposit bonuses for slots, slot machines, and various slot games.

    EkstraPoint also offers deals with LeoVegas casino and tons of other online casinos and new casinos. So whether new players are interested in slots or if they are more interested in what sort of first deposit bonuses they get, we have it all on EkstraPoint. If you don’t see the perfect bonus here, you can also check out all our casino reviews and game reviews. We have reviewed dozens of slot games there and are getting close to having over 100 new casino reviews. If you’re curious about wagering requirements, cash policies, payment options, and no deposit bonuses – dear new player, look no further.

    Convenient and fast payments via cryptocurrencies

    Whereas fiat money is still accounting for a large portion of casino payments, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Ripple, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, etc., are on the rise. Their most important advantages are anonymity and the impressive speed with which players can cash in and out. Modern online casinos cannot bypass the addition of cryptos in the Blockchain society of the 21st century. Instead of Euros or Dollars, you invest mBTC and the likes, as you enjoy the available casino games or sportsbooks.

    An excellent example of a Top Crypto Casino is Cloud Bet. This bookie, slot, table game, and live casino paradise offers top-notch crypto welcome bonuses, immersive crypto gameplay, and instant payments. Even more so: you can directly buy cryptos on-page via credit cards in case you have none at hand. It combines all the benefits that players can get from a legit, licensed crypto online casino.

    Responsible Gambling

    EkstraPoint is a loyalty and reward platform which offers online casino game competitions. As a responsible party, EkstraPoint strongly advises you to use all of the content on our website strictly for fun. Gambling is addictive. Gambling is not a source of income. Gambling is just for fun. Be a responsible player!

    Remember to play and pay responsibly, as gambling is an addictive endeavor


    The entire Ekstrapoint experience rewards you points, and you can use those points to play at real online casinos.

    You can use the balance on your account to buy bonus packages and play at real casinos. On your personal dashboard check the points status and visit our Ekstrapoint shop where you can choose different bonus packages and online casinos.

    Ekstrapoint offers you its premium partner online casinos where you can buy bonus packages directly with the points on your account. Currently, Ekstrapoint offers the following online casinos to play at with ekstra points: Trada Casino - Lucky Thrillz - Jackie Jackpot - Winners Magic - Millionpot