Terms and Conditions

Membership Conditions






1.1 Membership in the EP program is open to all natural persons. Only one EP membership account is permitted per person. Persons must be over the age of 18 years to join the EP program. The EP membership and the rights pertaining thereto are personal and for the sole benefit of the member, unless otherwise stated by EKSTRAPOINT.

1.2 EKSTRAPOINT is to be notified in writing of changes and/or additions to the member’s personal details that are not possible to change/add online. Upon change of name or registering of date of birth, documentation must be attached confirming the information, e.g. copy of valid passport. As soon as the new information has been verified the documentation submitted will be destroyed.

1.3 Ordinary booking rules apply to all members regardless of membership level. Service benefits associated with the membership level apply only to the member personally, unless otherwise stated by EKSTRAPOINT.

1.4 EKSTRAPOINT reserves the right to terminate the membership in cases which EKSTRAPOINT deems constitute misuse. This means that previously earned but unused points and issued EP vouchers become null and void. Misuse may consist of unsuitable or disrespectful behavior towards EKSTRAPOINT or EKSTRAPOINT’s business partners, their employees or any other membership terms and conditions, illegal conduct, or actions that are generally regarded as immoral or unethical.

1.5 Enrolling in the EP program (online or otherwise) confirms that the member accepts the EP membership terms and conditions. Use of membership constitutes acceptance of the then current membership terms and conditions.

1.6 The personal login details are the personal responsibility of the member. Personal statements regarding the account are available only to those who submit the correct personal login details.




2.1 Points can be earned on activities with EKSTRAPOINT and EKSTRAPOINT’s business partners as agreed by EKSTRAPOINT and EKSTRAPOINT’s business partners. Points are registered only if earned directly on the EKSTRAPOINT websites (www.ekstrapoint.comwww.ekstrapoint.com/dkwww.ekstrapoint.com/nowww.ekstrapoint.com/se) or if the EKSTRAPOINT member account have been connected to a EKSTRAPOINT’s business partner website. EKSTRAPOINT’s business partners include other companies that EKSTRAPOINT from time to time cooperates with and includes casino and bingo companies and other companies that provide discounts and benefits to the EP members, including but not limited to the possibility to earn and/or use points on the companies’ products and services. EKSTRAPOINT’s current business partners are specified on the EP web site.

2.2 EKSTRAPOINT reserves the right to determine if a member earns points or not for prices and activities offered by EKSTRAPOINT or EKSTRAPOINT’s business partners. Irrespective of when the activity was completed, the number of points earned depends on the earning scheme applicable on the date of the activity. The number of points earned varies depending on EKSTRAPOINT’s business partner and offer.

2.3 Only the member personally can earn points regardless of who paid for the deposit or activity.

2.4 Deposits and activities cannot be retroactively registered, unless otherwise stated. EKSTRAPOINT may at any time withdraw points for any activity wrongly registered on the member’s EP account.

2.5 Points and benefits are personal and can under no circumstances be sold, transferred, combined, inherited, refunded in cash or used for other purposes than within the EP program unless otherwise stated by EKSTRAPOINT. In case of misuse, points, benefits and documents can be confiscated. Points cannot be exchanged to cash.

2.6 Members can use their points and take advantage of offers/benefits as soon as they have sufficient valid points in their EP account. No other qualification is needed. Points are valid for an additional four years after which they were earned. After this deadline, EKSTRAPOINT have the right to decide whether the points should be null and void.

2.7 The member cannot combine offers, unless stated specifically at the individual offer.

2.8 The member does not earn points for deposits on EKSTRAPOINT business partner sites, where the deposits have been refunded to the member via chargeback or otherwise.

2.9 If a member does not earn any points for 24 months, EKSTRAPOINT has the right to terminate the membership provided the member has no valid, usable points in his/her EP account.




3.1 Unless otherwise stated by EKSTRAPOINT, points and benefits can be used only by the member personally or his/her closest family.

3.2 Members must ensure that personal login details are not used illegally. EKSTRAPOINT is not liable for any consequences of illegal use of personal login details. Members are liable for any use of the points and benefits whether the member or another person is using them. Misuse is defined in Section 1.4.

3.3 Points cannot be used in combination with cash, discount offers, coupons or other special offers, unless otherwise stated by EKSTRAPOINT.

3.4 Points can be used as payment for products/services offered only by EKSTRAPOINT and in some cases by EKSTRAPOINT’ business partners.




4.1 By enrolling in the EP program (online or otherwise) or use of the membership number the member consents to EKSTRAPOINT registering and processing the personal information on members and members’ activities and communicating with members according to what is set out in this Section 4. EKSTRAPOINT will not register or process any sensitive personal information within the EP program.

4.2 EKSTRAPOINT gives the member the possibility to connect the EP membership account to the member’s account of one or more of the EKSTRAPOINT’s business partners. The member will need to specifically request this connection within the EP site. By connecting the accounts EKSTRAPOINT will start collecting personal information on members’ activities according to what is set out in this Section 4.

4.3 EKSTRAPOINT registers and processes the following personal information on members and members’ activities, collectively the “personal information”:

4.4 EKSTRAPOINT may also pool personal information collected by EKSTRAPOINT with personal information obtained from EKSTRAPOINT’s business partners and external sources.

4.5 The personal information is registered and processed for the following purposes:

(i) to administer the EP membership and points earned and used,

(ii) to manage and carry out orders/offers,

(iii) to analyze customer behavior,

(iv) to evaluate and improve EKSTRAPOINT and EKSTRAPOINT’s business partners’ business,

(v) to update members’ address and contact information and cancel/block EP accounts of deceased members,

(vi) to compile offers and activities alone or together with EKSTRAPOINT’s business partners and

(vii) to provide customer oriented marketing of EKSTRAPOINT or EKSTRAPOINT’s business partners’ products and services by EKSTRAPOINT or EKSTRAPOINT’s business partners.

4.6 All personal information regarding the member is retained by EKSTRAPOINT for one year after the last of the member’s earned points expire or the membership is terminated, whatever occurs first.

Personal information regarding gaming purchases and other purchases will only be processed for the purposes set out in Section 4.5 (iii)-(vii) for one year from the date it was first collected or subsequently updated.

4.7 Personal information can be shared with EKSTRAPOINT’s business partners in order to coordinate special offers and activities. EKSTRAPOINT’s business partners may then pool the personal information received from EKSTRAPOINT with its own personal information. The relevant EKSTRAPOINT business partner is the data controller and legal person responsible for the handling of that personal information.

4.8 Personal information shared within the EKSTRAPOINT group or with EKSTRAPOINT’s business partners can be transferred to countries that do not belong to the European Union or the European Economic Area.

4.9 EKSTRAPOINT and EKSTRAPOINT’s business partners may use post, phone (including mobile phone and SMS), email, social media and other digital channels to communicate with members. EKSTRAPOINT and EKSTRAPOINT’s business partners may send promotional communications to members concerning their respective products and services through the aforementioned means of communication. The member can at any time decline to receive marketing from EKSTRAPOINT and EKSTRAPOINT’s business partners by using the links in the relevant digital communication or by contacting EKSTRAPOINT.

4.10 Reward Group ApS (EKSTRAPOINT) is the data controller and legal person responsible for personal information in accordance with applicable legislation on personal information. The member/legal guardian is entitled to receive information on the respective member’s personal information processed by EKSTRAPOINT by contacting EKSTRAPOINT. The member is also entitled to request that EKSTRAPOINT corrects or deletes information that is incorrect or incomplete. The member can request that personal information is not used for direct marketing purposes by contacting EKSTRAPOINT.




5.1 Except as provided for in any applicable mandatory law, EKSTRAPOINT has no responsibility and shall not be liable for any cost or other damage incurred by the member except as expressly stated in these membership terms and conditions. Further, EKSTRAPOINT is not liable for any cost or damage incurred by anyone else than the member. All services and benefits within the EP program and/or paid with points are subject to the membership terms and conditions applicable for such services and benefits.

5.2 Occasionally, EP members receive special offers. These can be of limited duration or number, for certain markets and for specific groups of members. Registration can also be necessary to be able to take advantage of these offers.

5.3 EKSTRAPOINT reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. The EP program content, service benefits, rules regarding points and totals as well as other information displayed on the EP web site only apply until further notice. EKSTRAPOINT communicates changes to applicable rules as soon as possible, including rules on earning and using points and consequences for new points, points already earned and activities. Information will take place through at least one EP communication channel, mainly via the EP web site. New rules, charts, levels etc apply without exceptions from date set. Members must keep themselves informed of applicable rules. EKSTRAPOINT will provide information on changes at the member’s request.

5.4 The member can at any time request termination of the membership.

5.5 EKSTRAPOINT is entitled to terminate or replace the EP program with one month’s notice. If the EP program is terminated due to legislation, court orders, orders from public authorities or the like, the EP program can be terminated immediately without notice and earned points will expire immediately without compensation of any kind.

5.6 If a EKSTRAPOINT business partner is declared bankrupt, or is otherwise unable to fulfill its undertakings towards EKSTRAPOINT or EP members, retroactive claims cannot be made and EKSTRAPOINT will determine how and if points for booked but unused trips are transferred back to the members’ EP account.




6.1 To the extent permissible by local law or regulation these membership terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Danish law. EKSTRAPOINT and the member submit, to the extent permitted by local law or regulation, to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the district court of Copenhagen to resolve any dispute that may arise out of these membership terms and conditions.

6.2 Any provision of these membership terms and conditions declared void or unenforceable by any competent authority or court shall, to the extent of such invalidity or unenforceability, be deemed severable and shall not affect the other provisions remaining which shall continue unaffected.

6.3 These membership terms and conditions replace all previous versions thereof.