Competition Terms Competition Terms

The text beneath contains the rules to participate at EKSTRAPOINT. The competitions are operated by Reward Group ApS.


General rules and conditions


1. Age requirement

EKSTRAPOINT-competitions are open to everyone who has turned 18 years of age at the time of partaking in a competition.


2. One participation per person

Participation in EKSTRAPOINT-competitions is limited to one participation per person.

People who try to partake with multiple accounts, or by other means take part with more than one identity will be excluded from being awarded, as well as from taking part in the competitions at EKSTRAPOINT for a period of three months.


3. Competition duration

The ending times of the competitions are different for each individual competition. The prizes will be given at each ending time of the individual competition.


4. Elements of the competition

The competition consists of one or more individual rounds, depending on which type of competition you are playing.


5. Competition Is held by:

All contact concerning competition rewards is to be sent to EkstraPoint, which is responsible for running the competitions.


6. Your ranking at the end of the competition

will depend on your points from all your rounds. In case more than one contestant achieves the same points in a competition where EkstraPoints can be earned, all the participants with this number of points will receive the full EkstraPoint reward assigned to this placement. In case of more than one contestant achieving the same number of points on the competitions rewarding real money, the reward will be split equally between the contestants involved.


7. Requirement

To be taken into consideration for the reward of any given round, you have to be registered in the local market you are playing in. E.g. if you are registered on you can only win money on the Danish website. A player registered on is not eligible for a reward that can be won on the Danish website.

The only exception is, where everybody can win except players from markets with localized websites (.fi, .de, .se, .no, .dk).


8. Reward registration

All rewards won through EKSTRAPOINT-competitions are registered under the winner´s name and are made public on the EkstraPoint-website and facebook-page.


9. Contact to the winner:

All winners of the EKSTRAPOINT-competitions will be contacted by EkstraPoint via E-mail with details on how to cash-out the prize. Reward winners are contacted via the e-mail address they have used for their Ekstrapoint-profile, in order to collect information including a check on whether the requirements for reward cash-out have been met (points 1. – 9.)


10. Reward delivery

All rewards won on an EKSTRAPOINT-competition will be cashed out to the winner´s optional account at a partner casino of EkstraPoint: The reward can be cashed out from the casino without any wagering requirement. Be aware that it will only be the reward that is cashed out, and not the full amount on your playing account.


11. Waiver of rewards

In case a contestant who is entitled to a reward does not live up to the requirements mentioned in Nr. 1 and 7, the reward will be transferred to a later competition on EkstraPoint.


12. If a reward winner does not react to the first contact via e-mail,

EkstraPoint will send additional five messages. If the reward winner is not able to deliver the necessary information within 14 days after the finished competition/round is won, EkstraPoint gains the right to let the reward be annulled and let the reward be transferred to the following competition at EkstraPoint.


13. Publicity User Consent

EkstraPoint reserves the right to ask the players/winners for a short review about their experiences of playing/participating in competitions. If the player gives their explicit consent, we shall use their review with minor grammar modifications to share it on the EP website and social media channels.


14. Accept of conditions

By participating in a competition, both the competition rules and the general membership terms and conditions, as well as the data protection policy of EkstraPoint is being accepted.