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The best reload bonuses

All online casinos offer new players a welcome bonus when they sign up to play in the casino. That is a common practice not only by online casinos but by other businesses as well. They all offer special deals, unique rates, and discounts of some kind.

But how about deals for loyal customers that return over and over again? What are they getting? In the online casino industry, the reload bonus is the most common reward for players already customers of the casino.

We all know that losing is not fun. When you need to replenish your account at an online casino platform, you are likely unlucky and lost your funds before. But that could be sweetened when you grab some extra cash to get back in action! Some players search and take advantage of replenishment bonuses to earn extra money in their accounts even when they are doing well in the casino.

What is a Reload Bonus?

A reload bonus sounds self-explanatory, and it is. Online casinos offer this type of casino bonus as a reward to players who choose to deposit money into their accounts. Usually, replenishment bonuses come as a match deposit bonus, like a 100% up to $200 or similar. Using that example, if you deposit $50 in your account, you will receive an extra $50 bonus for playing.

So in total, you are getting $100, which is double your initial deposit. Of course, reload bonuses are not always 100%, and different casinos offer different refill bonus percentages, like 10%, 25%, etc.

Also, when you see that the bonus is “up to $200”, you cannot receive more than $200 regardless of how much you deposit. If you deposit $1000, for example, you will not get an extra $1000, but $200, as that is the maximum in this case.

Reload bonuses are an excellent way to boost your bankroll, but you should not consider them to be precisely free money. Casinos are not just throwing money away for free, so that is why all these bonuses have wagering requirements and other specifics which you must check first before claiming them. Casinos’ measures when giving bonuses are to protect themselves from players who will try to abuse the bonus system.

How Do Top-Up Bonuses Work?

Bonuses are easy to claim. Usually, you only need to deposit a minimum amount to get a reload bonus, and that’s it. Sometimes there might be some bonus codes you need to enter before claiming. The best thing to do is read the full terms and conditions or contact customer support before depositing.

Refill bonuses may come on specific days of the week or periods in the year. Sometimes they are given on weekends as people tend to play more when they are free. Also, these bonuses are often available on popular holidays like Christmas or Easter.
They usually match the player’s deposits. Most of these reload bonus offers match the deposit amount, but different percentages might be available, depending on the online casino.

Some specific terms and conditions apply to reload bonuses. Most have restrictions, such as which games you can use them on, the amount you can wager, etc.
Withdrawal is not possible immediately. In some cases, if you try to withdraw right away, you will forfeit your bonus. Wagering requirements must be met first for withdrawal to be possible.

Claiming a Load-Up Bonus

These bonuses all work in the same way. To claim it, you need to follow a link or enter a bonus code when depositing into your casino account. The casino usually sends the bonus codes via email, through their social media accounts, or they are available in their website’s bonuses and promotions section.

The extra bonus is usually available instantly in your account when you make your qualifying deposit by entering the relevant bonus code. It is as simple as it sounds. There is no need to follow complex steps; just a few basic things to do, and you are done.

Things To Look For When Checking A Refill Bonus

There are a few essential things to consider to take advantage of them. The size of the reload bonus is one of many essential things. Possible restrictions, rollover requirements, and specific terms and conditions should be on your list for checking.

One of the top things to consider is whether there is a time limit for the bonus. For some load-up bonuses, you have limited time to meet the wagering requirements. These can range from a couple of days to weeks, so it is essential to know that.

What is the point of going for a massive bonus if the wagering requirements are high and you only have a day or two to meet them? It is always better to go for a smaller bonus with a realistic chance of meeting the requirements than greedily going for a considerable sum that is unlikely for you to meet.

Also, check which games you can use the bonus on. Sometimes reload bonuses are tied to a specific casino game. Read the fine print and all details to know whether there is no restriction or you must use the bonus to play a particular game.

Pros and Cons of Top-Up Bonuses

All bonuses have their good sides and drawbacks, and the reload bonus is no exception. They can be great for boosting your gaming budget but also have some downsides. Please remember that claiming a load-up bonus is not a sure way or easy path to get rich – it only sets you in the right direction and helps you get more value for your money.

Also, you do not have to use any reload bonus when depositing if you do not want to. You can skip it entirely and enjoy playing with your original budget without thinking about meeting specific wagering requirements and other specifics.



Other Casino Bonuses To Check

Nowadays, casino players have a lot of options when it comes to bonuses. Reload bonuses are available to returning depositors, but you can use a few other nice ones. Free spins bonuses and no deposit bonuses are also attractive options to look into. These could be available for new and returning players, so check the casino website and the promotion pages for such attractive bonuses.


Not exactly. Yes, you are receiving extra cash to play, but you cannot withdraw it immediately after claiming it. You must first meet specific wagering requirements regarding the deposit and bonus amount, and only then can you withdraw any winnings you may have obtained with the bonus.

Most reputable online casinos offer these bonuses to their regular customers to prevent them from stopping playing or leaving their casino. Make sure to visit the promotions page of your favourite online casino to see whether such bonuses are available.

To claim a bonus, either follow a specific link provided by the online casino, check your email for promotional offers, or visit the casino’s promotions page, where there are usually bonus codes available to players, which they must enter when reloading their accounts.

No, you do not. These bonuses are just a promotion for those who want to boost their bankroll and are ready to follow specifics. If you are not interested in such a bonus or do not like the conditions, feel free to only play with the amount you choose to deposit.