The Ekstrapoint Reward Program 101

How to win points from free slots and partner casinos on Ekstrapoint?

Welcome to the most important tutorial you will ever need on Ekstrapoint: How to win them points!

Although Ekstrapoint offers super modern free slots, it also offers quite a competitive edge. And in this article, you will learn all the ways there are to win points!

There are two ways you can fill up your Ekstrapoint bank

Points from registration on Ekstrapoint and playing competitions

  • Points after sign up
  • Points after e-mail confirmation 
  • Points after playing a competition
  • Points after winning a competition 
  • Daily bonus points
  • Level-up points 

Points related to actions on Ekstrapoint partner casinos

  • Points after signing up and depositing to one of the 600+ partner casinos of Ekstrapoint 
  • Points after each time playing in one of the Ekstrapoint partner casinos 

How many points do you earn when you play at some of Ekstrapoint’s partner casinos?

Ekstrapoint rewards you each time you play in some of our partner online casinos

Learn exactly how many points you earn while playing in real casinos. 

The points system is divided into 3 brackets:

10 – 50 € Deposit

The first bracket is for deposits between 10 and 50 euros. 

If your deposit is in this amount, then Ekstrapoint will reward you with 500 points for each euro of your deposit. 

500 points = 1 €

50 – 250 € Deposit

In the second bracket, we have placed the deposits in the range of 50 – 250 €.

For each deposit belonging to this bracket, Ekstrapoint rewards you 550 points for each euro of your deposit.

550 points = 1 €

250 € Deposit

The third bracket classifies all deposits of 250 EUR or above. 

If your deposit is 250 EUR or more, Ekstrapoint rewards you with 600 points for each euro. 

600 points = 1 €

Automatically gained points vs Points you need to claim

On Ekstrapoint, you can earn points in different ways. However, it is crucial to understand when we pour points into your account directly, and when do you need to claim points which belong to you after a completed action.

Automatically gained points

After sign-up

After e-mail confirmation

After playing a competition

Winning a competition

When to claim points?

You need to claim points on Ekstrapoint after you sign-up and deposit to one of our partner casinos.

You also have points to claim, after each time you play at one of our partner casinos.

  • Claiming the daily bonus on Ekstrapooint
    On Ekstrapoint, we give you a daily bonus. In order to add it to your account, you need to manually claim it. Claiming the daily bonus can be done on your personal dashboard.
  • Claiming points after leveling up 

If you are a true Ekstrapoint maestro, there are 27 levels to conquer. Every time you reach a new level, we reward you with new points, and you must claim these points via your personal dashboard.

The level system

There are 32 levels you can reach on Ekstrapoint. As you go up, the reward of the level goes even higher. So, we can definitely say it does pay off to play on Ekstrapoint. 

Learn all about the level system on Ekstrapoint.

Is Ekstrapoint a loyalty program or a cashback program for online casinos?

A lot of our users ask us if Ekstrapoint is some kind of loyalty or a cashback program. 

Well, let’s put it this way. Either way, you are not wrong. 

Ekstrapoint has partnered with more than 900+ casinos that are listed on the site, and if you sign up there through our site, we reward you with points. So, that makes us a cashback program for casinos in a way. 

But then again, Ekstrapoint also rewards you each time you keep playing in our partner casinos. So, this does make us a loyalty program too!


Your points will remain on your account no matter what. Even if you decide to take a break on Ekstrapoint, we will keep your points safe. And when the time comes, and you decide you want to set new records on Ekstrapoint, your points will be waiting for you.

Unfortunately no. The daily bonus is available to claim on the day you logged in, and the points won’t automatically transfer and multiply into a new day.