Learn How It Works

EkstraPoint is a loyalty platform for casino players who want to win every time they spin and play for free, but with loads of prizes. 

Let’s say you have a few minutes and you decide to take a spin on one of our free-to-play casino games. Every time you play, you earn points. And every day you come back, you get a big fat casino bonus.

Once you’ve got enough points, you can take the fruit of your hard-earned labor and spend them on top-notch worthwhile casino bonus packages. That’s one way of earning points, but there is an even faster way…

You can also earn points by taking advantage of one of our partner casino’s sign-up offers. That is of course, if you are ready to earn more than just screen coins. We only display the best offers from the best casinos, and even let you review which ones you liked or disliked the most.

EkstraPoint in a nutshell

Collect points every day

Loads of free fun

Rewards for all of it

If that’s not a win-win-win, we don’t know what is!

Be smart, always play through EkstraPoint, earn points every time you play and have fun!

How do you begin with EkstraPoint?

Sign up

Your Ekstrapoint journey starts by creating an account through the sign-up form.

There are three ways to create an Ekstrapoint account:  

  • Connect your Facebook profile
  • Connect your Google account 
  • Create an account using your e-mail

Play free slots and competitions

Ekstrapoint has partnered up with some of the best game providers on the market to bring you the most modern and fun slots!

  • Test your luck with one of the many free slots we offer for fun 
  • Competitiveness is your strong side?
    Join the daily, weekly, or monthly competitions and try to beat the rest of the Ekstrapointers

Win points

It’s important to win points, because on Ekstrapoint, 

Points = cash! 👀

  • Every time you visit Ekstrapoint, we reward you with points 
  • Complete your profile, and receive extra Ekstra points
  • Each time you play one of our free slot competitions, we reward you with points
  • Win a competition, now there’s one big fat point reward coming in your way

Buy real casino bonuses

As we’ve said, points on Ekstrapoint turn into cash for the ones who want to go the extra mile.

Now, how do you do that?

  • 30.000 points = 5 EUR
  • 50.000 points = 10 EUR
  • 235.000 points = 50 EUR
    (and so on…)

With enough points, head to our Ekstrapoint shop, and buy real casino bonuses with your points!

All the ways you can win points

Ekstrapoint is a free online casino gaming site that works on a reward-based model. This means that we reward our players with Ekstra points in different ways, and they can then turn their points into real cash. 

Now, let’s dive into the different ways you can earn points. 

  • Sign-up points 

Once you sign-up, we reward you with bonus points to welcome you to the Ekstrapoint experience. 

  • Confirming e-mail points

Once you create an Ekstrapoint account, you need to confirm your account through an automatic e-mail you are going to receive on your e-mail.

  • Daily Bonus points 

The Daily Bonus is a reward we give you every day. In order to claim these points, you need to log in to your Ekstrapoint account and claim them from your personal dashboard. 

  • Level-up points 

The Level-up reward is a point reward you get to access every time you hit a new level on Ekstrapoint. Dedicated players get the most out of Ekstrapoint! 

  • Playing a competition 

Free-to-play modern casino games are a part of our system. A fun casino website requires competing with fellow players. And that’s why we reward you with points each time you decide to play a competition regardless of your score. 

  • Winning a competition 

As you’d expect, we reward you with a big and hard-earned bonus every time you win some of our free competitions.

  • Playing at a partner casino 

Just like a loyalty card from your favorite retail outlet, Ekstrapoint reward you points every time you play at some of the partner casinos of Ekstrapoint. 

See all the Ekstrapoint partner casinos here

IMPORTANT: To access some of the above-mentioned points, you will need to claim them through your personal dashboard. Check your personal dashboard regularly to claim these bonus points. 

How we make it possible to buy real casino bonus packages with points

Ekstrapoint has exclusively partnered with several casino brands to offer you the unique possibility of turning points into real money. How?

All you need to do is head to our Ekstrapoint shop and check for yourself. If you are ready to play for real money, then buy a real casino bonus package with your points only. 

Based on the country you are based in, you will be offered some of our partners with the appropriate license for your region. 

In the moment, these are the online casinos part of the exclusive partner program of Ekstrapoint:

jackie jackpot
Millionpot Casino logo
lucky thrillz

EkstraPoint Must-Know Policies

How many points do you get back when you play at some of the casinos listed on Ekstrapoint?

Like a loyalty program, you can get a lot in return, if the online casinos of your choice, are listed on Ekstrapoint. 

Currently, we have 3 different brackets where we divide the amount of deposits, and the amount of points you get in return.

10 - 50 EUR

500 points for each EUR

50 - 250 EUR

550 points for each EUR

250 EUR +

600 points for each EUR

In practice, this means the following: 

  • If you deposit 15 EUR, you will get 7.500 points as a reward. This reward belongs to the first bracket.
  • For a deposit of 200 EUR, you will receive 110.000 points as a reward. This reward belongs to the second bracket. 
  • For a deposit of, let’s say 300 EUR as an example, you will receive 180.000 points. This reward belongs to the second bracket. 

The real beauty of Ekstrapoint is that with the points-back-to-your-account policy, you can actually buy casino bonus packages from our Ekstrapoint shop and continue your casino journey. 

For example, if you deposited 300 EUR to some of our partner casinos, and you get back 180.000 points you can buy 6 bonus packages of 5 EUR (30.000 points).

Maximum amount of bonus packages you can buy with ekstra points

Every user will have a 25 EUR bonus package threshold. This means that even if the user just signed up on EkstraPoint and did not deposit any amount on our Gold Partner Casinos, they can buy the total bonus packages of 25 EUR. After that, the users can buy bonus packages equal to the double of the deposits amount on Gold Partner Casinos. Here are few examples to make it more clear:

– 0 EUR Gold Partner Casino deposits -> maximum 25 EUR bonus packages allowed

– 10 EUR Gold Partner Casino deposits -> maximum 45 EUR bonus packages allowed

– 50 EUR Gold Partner Casino deposits -> maximum 125 EUR bonus packages allowed

Additional notes:

– The competition and other rewards are not affected by this limitation and they should be processed as before. These changes apply only to the Bonus Packages purchasing in the EP shop.

– The deposit amounts are taking the deposit data from the last 3 months into consideration. That means that the users that deposited large amounts a week or a month ago will be allowed to purchase bonus packages within the last 3 months deposits amount.

– The deposit amount is not tied to the specific casino thus the user can deposit on Jackie Jackpot and buy bonus package for Winners Magic and vice versa