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Earn points while you play – it’s free, fun and with bonuses!

EkstraPoint is a loyalty platform for casino players who want to win every time they spin and play for free, but with loads of prizes. Sounds too good to be true?


Ekstrapoint – Explainer Video:

A place where free-to-play casino games earn you real cash!

Let’s say you have a few minutes and you decide to take a spin on one of our free-to-play casino games. Every time you play, you earn points. And every day you come back, you get a big fat casino bonus.

Once you’ve got enough points, you can take the fruit of your hard-earned labor and spend them on top-notch worthwhile casino bonus packages. That’s one way of earning points, but there is an even faster way…

You can also earn points by taking advantage of one of our partner casino’s sign-up offers. That is of course, if you are ready to earn more than just screen coins. We only display the best offers from the best casinos, and even let you review which ones you liked or disliked the most.

EkstraPoint in a nutshell

If that’s not a win-win-win, we don’t know what is!

Be smart, always play through EkstraPoint, earn points every time you play and have fun!