About us

The casino thrill is a real thing. Everyone who’s visited a casino can confirm. Over the course of time, online casinos became a big thing, and that casino thrill became easily accessible trough a device connected to the internet. 

With so many online casinos on the horizon, a group of people saw a market gap consisting of players wanting something more in return from their casino experience.

What we, the people of Ekstrapoint saw, is that players enjoy online casino games, but what really makes them happy is rewarding their loyalty. 

This was the sole reason why Ekstrapoint was created. 

We found a formula that would keep happy players. It’s simple. We offer free slots based on a competition model against other Ekstrapoint players. We review casinos and post the latest and most competitive offers. But most importantly, we reward you each time you play our competitions, you sign up to our partner casinos, and we give you the possibility to buy real casino bonus packages with your rewarded points. 

We are on a mission 

In 2018, we launched Ekstrapoint to offer each player and iGaming operator a live product that they wanted, but never got the chance to use. 

So, 5 years forward, Ekstrapoint is a community with over 100.000 players, 2+ billion points rewarded and an Excellent Truspilot score. 

Our mission is not easy, and for sure is not going to be achieved fast. But, we are here and we are ready to work and to see it realized. 

We want to see Ekstrapoint as the social iGaming network where players and operators enjoy being

The people behind Ekstrapoint 

Ekstrapoint’s story starts back in 2018. 

An investor group consisting of businessmen with prior experience in the iGaming industry decided to bring to life one old idea: a loyalty and reward system for the entire online casino world. 

Vita Media Group, a two time Casino Affiliate of the Year by the EGR Operator Awards, is the company that led the efforts to bring Ekstrapoint to life.

Fast forward, the already expanded Ekstrapoint universe is home to the most thrilling offers for casino players, detailed casino reviews, free and modern slot games, a lot of loyalty rewards that convert to real cash, and much more. 


2018 – Ekstrapoint is launched 

2020 – 50.000 players 

2021 – 2 billion points rewarded 

2022 – 100.000 players 

2022 – Ekstrapoint is redesigned – Bigger and Better than ever 

2022 – Shortlisted for Product Innovation of the year – EGR Operator Awards 2022 

Loyalty is precious: How are we different than anything else in online casino?

It is estimated that there are over 2000 online casinos in the world, and the number is only going up. With so many casinos to choose from, how does one make a decision? 

They all look nice. They all have good offers most of the time. But, are they happy only when you come trough the door for the first time, or each next time when you log in, and want to test your luck?

This is a question we had for a long time, and it is something we wanted to give an answer to. 

So, we built Ekstrapoint. 

You can say it is a loyalty and reward platform. Or a cashback program for casinos.

The beauty of it is that it’s exactly that, and much more. And completely free. 

So, in a nutshell. Ekstrapoint is not really an online casino, although it has some of the most popular slot games, and you can play for free. We’re more of a match-and-pass app. We find online casinos, and we list the best possible offers in the moment. We offer plenty of ways to win points trough various actions on Ekstrapoint, and we reward you for each action. And then, you simply go to our shop, and use those points like real cash for extra casino fun.  

Ekstrapoint values


You can always count on us. We recognize the value of a returning customer. That is why we founded an entire business model on the value of loyalty. 


Whenever you come to Ekstrapoint, you will always be served with trustful information. We partner with respected casino operators. Whether you want to only receive knowledge about certain casinos, or you want to explore casino offers, we will make sure Ekstrapoint is only collecting trusted information!

Ekstrapoint – recognition on an international level 

We are proud to host over 100.000 players from more than 147 countries. And we are even prouder to be recognized on an international level by the global iGaming community. 

Ekstrapoint’s resume holds three very appreciated achievements:

Year over year, Ekstrapoint proves the innovative concept behind it, and more industry professionals recognize the value in it. 

Responsible gambling above all

Ekstrapoint is not an online casino. However, that doesn’t reduce the role Ekstrapoint has in online casinos. 

As a responsible stakeholder in the iGaming industry, Ekstrapoint will always stand by the standards of responsible gambling, as gambling should only be seen as entertainment, and not nothing more. 

With over 100,000 players currently playing on Ekstrapoint, there is a massive responsibility for each and every one of them. Therefore, we developed Ekstrapoint foundations of Responsible Gambling: 

We strongly advise each player on Ekstrapoint to behave responsibly and in accordance to our foundations of Responsible Gambling.

If you feel that gambling causes you anxiety, or deteriorates your private life, please immediately seek professional help!


Most people enjoy gambling for entertainment. However, for some players, gambling may become a problem, and with so many online gambling venues, responsible gaming programs are of utmost importance. EkstraPoint wants you to have fun and play responsibly; that is why we are working closely with organizations advocating for responsible gambling, such as BeGamble Aware. Our mission is to keep players safe from gambling harms. Therefore, we want you to know the risks of gambling and where to find help if you need it.

BeGambleAware is administered by an independent charity, GambleAware and its activities are guided by the National Responsible Gambling Strategy in the United Kingdom. In essence, BeGambleAware helps people to make smart decisions about their gambling activities. Players can contact their helpline around the clock, and there are also other options, such as the live chat function. BeGambleAware offers essential tips and tools to help you or your friends with a gambling issue. Celebrities also support BeGambleAware to warn players against the risk of gambling. Seeing BeGambleAware’s logo on our site proves that we care for the well-being of our customers.

Age Verification in iGaming Industry – 18+

The minimum age to play at Ekstrapoint is 18, and we offer numerous trusted online casinos that allow gaming activities for legal-age players.

Malta Gaming Authority

The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) is a gaming board that regulates most gambling forms, including online gaming services. It is in charge of licensing and regulating gaming platforms, and its goal is to ensure that each entity operating under its jurisdiction conforms to its rules and regulations.

This is very important for players since it provides a safe and reliable environment regarding fair gameplay and data protection. Some of the Malta Gaming Authority’s functions include protecting minors, making sure that the player’s rights are protected via investigation of complaints on behalf of players, ensuring the integrity of games, promoting responsible gaming environments, and keeping gaming free from criminal activities.

The Malta Gaming Authority sets very high standards in the online gambling market and would only issue licenses to companies that meet these standards. Thus, seeing their logo on our website is proof that we have completed numerous criteria and that we will be held accountable for any breach of their terms and conditions.

GPWA Seal of Approval

The Gambling Portal Webmaster Association (GPWA) is awarded to gambling portal websites that meet their standards and are affiliated with approved members who abide by their code of conduct. It was initially established in 2001, and nowadays, it is the leading association for online gaming affiliates worldwide.

Seeing the GPWA Seal of Approval on our site means that EkstraPoint has undergone a particular review to ensure we meet strict ethical standards. This seal tells our players that we are honourable and that our company is:

  1. Managed independently of the websites we provide information about.
  2. Respects copyrights
  3. Does not send spam email
  4. Provides consumers with information extending beyond advertisements and link
  5. Acts professionally in our business activities

What are Seals of Approval?

A seal of approval is a trust stamp or a certificate that shows approval or official acceptance. When a site is awarded a seal of approval, it ensures that the casino site has met or surpassed the given criteria.

The most common seals of approval in the online gaming industry are BeGambleAware, MGA, GPWA, EGR, etc., which guarantee transparency and trustworthiness and are usually listed at the footer of a website.

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