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WowPot Microgaming - The new era of Progressive Jackpots is Here!

A set of progressive jackpot games were released throughout 2020 as part of the WowPot Microgaming sequel, providing a variety of playing experiences and resulting in faster-growing jackpots! Given all WowPot jackpot games accumulate to the jackpot fund, the more players play, the more the fund grows.

All you need to know about the Microgaming jackpots

In the last couple of years, progressive jackpot games have become popular among online casino players. They are fun, there is the constant thrill that a huge hit is about to take place, and there are various jackpot tiers with all the spins constantly contributing to the accumulated jackpot fund.  

Have you heard about the special four-tiered online progressive jackpot from Microgaming, called WowPot?

When the first title featuring the Microgaming jackpot was introduced in early 2020, the doors to new progressive games were opened. Powered by the renowned game provider, Microgaming the Wowpot jackpot quickly became favorite among players. The WowPot sequel of progressive games now hosts six unique titles — all contributing to the massive jackpot: 

Following the iconic progressive title - Mega Moolah - that became a symbol for huge jackpot wins, leading progressive jackpot game provider Microgaming introduced the new era for jackpot wins with the WowPot jackpot sequel. By releasing jackpot games with even greater potentials for even bigger jackpots, Microgaming pushed the jackpot offering threshold even higher up the scale. 

If you’re wondering which rewarding casino games to play today, we recommend trying the progressive jackpot games of WowPot Microgaming.

Expect to be Wowed by the Pot

Some casino games are designed to impress the user with their flashy graphics, inviting sounds and rewarding bonus spins. WowPot Microgaming jackpot is here to wow the users!

Renowned provider Microgaming delivered the industry’s leading range of progressive jackpot games featuring the WowPot jackpot. WowPot is a popular progressive jackpot feature that is part of Microgaming’s epic set of jackpot games that are pairing with the big hitter - Mega Moolah winners

First launched over a decade ago, WowPot has become a very popular progressive slot among all players and nationalities worldwide. Players can find the WowPot slots games at Microgaming casinos and play to hit the massive progressive jackpot.

Would you like to know more about the progressive jackpot slot games that feed into the Microgaming jackpot?

Microgaming’s growing selection of epic jackpot titles

What makes WowPot Microgaming so special is the progressive jackpot games that accumulate to the total value with every single spin. A small percentage of the players’ bets goes to the common fund for which all WowPot games contribute to. Each WowPot jackpot title feeds into the same fund and notifies the jackpot available to players at all times giving an additional adrenaline rush and incentive to active players.

Did you know that Microgaming is the developer of the most rewarding progressive jackpot games?

Microgaming’s record-breaking WowPot jackpot games count six titles in their collection: Wheel of Wishes, Book of Atem, Sisters Oz, African Legends, Sherlock and Moriarty, and Queen Alexandria.


Microgaming’s premiere title to feature the revamped WowPot, Wheel of Wishes is a captivating progressive online slot developed by Alchemy Gaming, that takes players on a journey through the sands of Arabia. The pioneer title was introduced in February 2020 and has awarded over half a million jackpot wins since, with a €327,631.71 largest win to date on a Major tier jackpot hit.


Egyptian-themed Book of Atem: WowPot was the second title to feature the four-tiered WowPot jackpot, launched in September 2020. Developed by All41 Studios exclusively for Microgaming, Book of Atem: WowPot opens the doors to ancient Egypt and sends players on a quest to decipher pharaohs secrets. This second release is considered one of the top WowPot jackpots wins to date with a €998,876.35 Major tier hit. 


Brought to you by Triple Edge Studios, Sisters of Oz: WowPot is a charming title with a huge WowPot jackpot potential. The title’s jackpot payout marks the biggest WowPot win to date and first-ever seven-figure jackpot of €1.1 million Major tier win, triggered on 12 March 2020, marking the third-biggest award in the history of Microgaming’s progressive jackpot network. 


The fourth WowPot game was developed exclusively for Microgaming by Slingshot Studios. African Legends sends players on a Safari adventure into the African desert and is the first WowPot title that has the Major jackpot tier as the highest threshold, seeding at a whopping €50,000, and has already paid out four Major tier jackpot wins to date.


Created by Just For The Win Studios, Sherlock & Moriarty WowPot sends players on a mystery quest to crack the detective’s case. This crime-solving mystery game sends players hunting for jackpots, a whole new level of adventure where the largest one of the four progressive jackpot prizes is seeding at €2 million!


Queen of Alexandria: WowPot, developed by Neon Valley Studios, takes players on an adventure to hunt for treasures in ancient Egypt. To unlock the fortunes of Alexandria, players must collect diamonds each with the potential to win the WowPot jackpot bonus, the largest of which seeding at €2 million!

Wowpot jackpot - a turning point for progressive jackpot games

In February 2020, Microgaming launched Wheel of Wishes WowPot as a pioneer in the WowPot jackpot sequel, followed by several slot releases in the coming months. These WowPot jackpot games have been growing in size and popularity since.

With the WowPot jackpot, Microgaming introduced a revolutionary comeback of progressive jackpot games and became a turning point in the industry. Today, the WowPot jackpot is a synonym in the casino industry for the most rewarding progressive jackpot games worldwide. Check out the latest edition in the WowPot poll: Ancient Fortunes Poseidon Megaways Slot.

Leading progressive jackpot game provider, Microgaming holds some of the most epic casino game titles in its extensive portfolio, including Book of Oz, Immortal Romance, 9 Masks of Fire, along with branded games like Game of Thrones, Jurassic World and Lara Croft. 

The sequel of progressive jackpot games known as WowPot joined one of Microgaming’s biggest jackpot games Mega Moolah. However, now many know the fact that this feature has awarded over €1.2 billion to date. 

No wonder Microgaming has the industry’s record-breaking progressive jackpot network!

Popular Microgaming provider always comes up with new ways to entertain their players. Check the latest game release from Microgaming Couch Potato Slot Machine.

With WowPot Microgaming to Epic Jackpot Wins

Players often find progressive jackpot games both intriguing and intimidating. The thrill for winning the maximal pot is constantly enticing the player, waiting for the mega jackpot to hit. 

Provided by the leading online gaming software Microgaming, the WowPot jackpot introduces a new era of progressive jackpot games. What makes Microgaming’s progressive jackpot games stand out is the epic win in jackpot amounts. Microgaming’s newly introduced WowPot jackpot, features an enticing €2 million starting seed! 

Packed with the casino thrill and with budget-friendly gaming options, WowPot jackpots are very attractive among many players across the globe. Dive into the progressive world of Microgaming, and choose a title to win the jackpot based on your preferences. Choose your Microgaming jackpot game between Wheel of Wishes, Book of Atem, Sisters Oz, African Legends, Sherlock and Moriarty, and Queen Alexandria.

The Verdict

The good thing about progressive jackpot games is that every time when someone plays the game the jackpot amount increases in value. WowPot Microgaming released the most popular progressive jackpot games, both in terms of gameplay and budget-friendly options. 

First introduced over a decade ago, the WowPot progressive jackpot games continue to wow players all over the world. Powered by one of the most recognized companies in the gaming industry – Microgaming, WowPot games are must-try progressive jackpot games on any player’s wish list. Learn how to win at slots

Now that you know about the wonders of WowPot , read on to learn what to expect from progressive games, how to play WowPot jackpots, and what triggers their paying mechanism in the FAQ below:


What is a progressive jackpot?

A jackpot that increases every time a player places a qualifying bet without winning the jackpot, is called a progressive jackpot. This way, the more players bet on the progressive jackpot slot game, and the longer no player hits the jackpot, they contribute for the jackpot amount to go up and the jackpot prize to increase. Usually, a small percentage of every qualifying bet adds to the progressive jackpot amount. The more online casinos offer the slot, the more players bet on it, resulting in increased jackpot funds. The end prize can scale up to even a seven-digit win when the lucky player hits the jackpot. The thrilling part about progressive jackpot games is that players can randomly hit the jackpot after any qualifying spin. When the lucky player from any online casino hits the jackpot at a given progressive slot game, the prize fund is reset to a pre-set value. The starting seed for the Microgaming WowPot progressive jackpot is €2,000,000!

What’s the main difference between regular slots and progressive jackpot slots?

Both regular slots and progressive jackpot slots have jackpot wins. The difference with the jackpots won at regular slots is that they are fixed to the same amount regardless of how many times they're won. So the common jackpot amount depends on the amount of your bet.

What is WowPot?

WowPot is a progressive jackpot game powered by leading online gaming supplier, Microgaming. With a €2 million starting seed, the WowPot jackpot is linked to all of Microgaming’s progressive game titles. Each bet on the WowPot sequel games slips a small percentage into the total jackpot fund, increasing the WowPot jackpot amount until it’s won. The jackpot can be won at any online casino that features the WowPot Microgaming games.

What are the jackpot tiers in the WowPot Progressive Slot?

WowPot Microgaming is a four-tier progressive jackpot that has paid out over €1.2 billion to date. The rewarding progressive jackpot network holds four available tiers as starting jackpot prize fund amount points: Mini: seeded at €10 Minor: seeded at €100 Major: seeded at €50,000 WowPot: seeded at €2,000,000 The WowPot jackpot is triggered differently in each of the WowPot games, with a large jackpot wheel appearing on the screen. The four tiers, Mini, Minor, Major, WowPot, represented in different colors, count the different starting jackpot prizes. Depending on the color it lands on, players can discover which jackpot they've unlocked with the spin. The constant thrill and dynamic gameplay can make anyone of you the next lucky winner to hit the WowPot jackpot!

How is progressive jackpot triggered in each WowPot Microgaming slot?

Depending on the progressive jackpot game from the WowPot Microgaming family, the WowPot jackpot can be triggered in different ways. In some WowPot games, the wheel can be triggered randomly, while in other games, the jackpot wheel is triggered when players land a specific set of symbols. In the progressive jackpot slot game "Wheel of Wishes: WowPot", the WowPot can be triggered during a Power Spin when players land a large wheel symbol. Players can place small bets of €0,20 to play this slot game. The book symbol acts as a wild and scatters symbol in the "Book of Atem: WowPot" progressive jackpot slot game that can trigger the WowPot jackpot. The minimum qualifying bet is set to €0,10. Players need to collect symbols for the progressive jackpot game in "Sisters of Oz: WowPot", in order to get a chance to trigger the jackpot bonus game. The minimum bet for this slot game is €0,20. To make things more interesting, players of "African Legends," need to attain eight or more consecutive Rolling Reels wins to win the progressive jackpot. The minimum qualifying bet amount is set to €0.25. Collecting the magnifying glasses in “Sherlock and Moriarty: WowPot” gives players a chance to unlock the progressive jackpot. Investigative and fun! While on an Egyptian adventure, players need to collect diamonds to unlock the fortunes of Alexandria, each of which carries a symbol with a chance to trigger the WowPot jackpot bonus.

Are WowPot and Mega Moolah jackpots linked?

Mega Moolah and WowPot jackpots are both parts of Microgaming’s industry-leading progressive jackpot network, but the jackpots are not linked. Meaning that when you play a WowPot jackpot game you are not contributing to the Mega Moolah jackpot, and vice versa. A big win on one of these progressive jackpot games does not have any effect on the jackpot of the other game. These two progressive jackpot games have separate jackpot funds and are completely independent.

Which jackpot game should I play to win the WowPot?

Each progressive jackpot game powered by Microgaming that features the WowPot jackpot offers an equal chance of triggering the jackpot, except the African Legends game that only features the Major tier of WowPot. Based on personal preference players can decide on which Microgaming jackpot game they want to place their winning bet!

How big is the WowPot jackpot?

With an incredible €2 million starting seed, there is no high limit to the WowPot jackpot. Each bet placed in a WowPot game increases the jackpot amount until the jackpot is won. Once hit, the value is reset at the starting seed. Just for comparison, this is double the size of the world-renowned Mega Moolah jackpot value! In practice, this means that if a player wins the WowPot jackpot, another player could land another prize and walk away with at least €2 million just moments later. The same applies to the other WowPot jackpot tiers, Major, Minor and Mini seeded at €50K, €100 and €10.

Are there separate jackpots for each Wowpot title?

Each title that features the Microgaming WowPot jackpot feeds into the same fund. The more WowPot titles contribute to the jackpot, the bigger the fund grows. The more players play, the faster the fund grows. The jackpot can be triggered by any player at any WowPot title, except African Legends, which only features the Major tier of the WowPot jackpot.

What games feature the WowPot jackpot?

The epic WowPot jackpot can be triggered at Microgaming’s jackpot game titles including Wheel of Wishes, Sisters of Oz, Book of Atem, Sherlock and Moriarty, and Queen Alexandria. African Legends is the only exception that goes as high as the Major tier. Each of the WowPot titles is packed with unique features and exciting gameplay. Given the jackpot can be triggered on any title attached to the Microgaming jackpot, it all comes down to players’ personal preferences.

Who created the WowPot jackpot?

WowPot is part of Microgaming’s renowned progressive jackpot network. WowPot is a jackpot sequel that joined the industry-leading portfolio of exclusive top-performing games, making WowPot Microgaming the industry favorite in no time. The renowned progressive jackpot network powered by Microgaming has paid out more than €1.2 billion to this date, making it a popular choice among players worldwide.

How do I trigger the WowPot jackpot?

Depending on the WowPot game you’re playing, the WowPot jackpot can be triggered in different ways. In the Wheel of Wishes online slot, landing a large wheel symbol during a Power Spin can trigger the WowPot bonus. In the Sisters of Oz WowPot game, a coin overlay with certain symbols can trigger the jackpot. Each of the collectable coins can potentially trigger the WowPot wheel. In the Book of Atem WowPot slot, a collection of symbols can trigger the WowPot jackpot, from book symbol wilds to scatters that can trigger free spins and land you a jackpot!

What are the themes of the WowPot games?

Microgaming introduced the WowPot jackpot feature in a variety of games, each presenting a different theme and gameplay, to satisfy the likes of all users. Wheel of Wishes takes players on an adventure in the Arabian sands. Book of Atem opens the doors to ancient Egypt. Sisters of Oz introduces players to the fantastical world of Oz hosted by four bewitching sisters. African Legends takes players on a quest for big winning potentials, with Major as the top tier of the WowPot jackpot. Sherlock & Moriarty WowPot is a detective story that is packed with mysterious intrigue and huge win-potential! Queen of Alexandria is Egyptian themed slot game with royal visual delight.

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