Play Blackjack online September 2023

The game of blackjack has gone through changes over the years. The game we know today differs from the versions that existed a century ago. The French game Vingt-En-Un, meaning Twenty-One, is the first card game considered a precursor to today’s blackjack. This card game started appearing in French casinos during the 1700s and was highly popular then. The game’s main objective was to reach a total of 21, but the difference from today’s blackjack is that gamblers made their wagers after receiving their first upcard. Also, the dealer could double players’ bets after looking at their first card. If the live casino dealer had 21, players paid him triple.

The popularity of Vingt-En-Un spread everywhere in the world, but the name soon changed. In England, the game became known as Van John and was called Pontoon in Australia. After some time, the card game made its way in America during the 1800s, but it was not that popular as roulette was the king of games in gambling houses. To encourage gamblers to try and play blackjack – the gambling houses modified the rules and started paying out a 10-to-1 bonus if the player’s hand contained a Jack of Spades or Clubs and an Ace. Because of this, Americans named the game blackjack.


What makes Blackjack an attractive casino game?

Blackjack is the most exciting table game in online casinos. Thanks to the low house edge, it allows players to make money with optimal play. Players can expect nice wins and good payouts by learning and implementing a basic blackjack strategy. Blackjack rules are easy to follow; you will have no problems playing the game once you understand them. Blackjack is a straightforward card game with easy-to-understand rules, but mastering this card game takes time. Make sure to learn and understand the blackjack rules before sitting to play.

Most players assume that the primary target of blackjack is to have a hand as close as possible to 21. However, the main objective is to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21. It is essential to know this distinction because players can win with smaller hands by waiting for the dealer to go over 21 and bust. Once you start playing blackjack, you will find it a stimulating game. It is a straightforward game to play, has an element of skill, and the allure of using a card counting system makes it possible to beat it.


Card values and hands

Each card has its value in blackjack—the hand value results when you add the card values together. Number cards have a value relating to their numbers. If you hold cards of 6 and 7, your hand value is 13. Regarding face cards – Jack, Queen, and King have a value equal to 10. Aces are unique, as their value is either 1 or 11; it changes based on the dealt cards. A hand of Ace and a 6 can be either 7 or 17, depending on how you play your hand. The Ace and the Face Cards are the most valuable cards in blackjack. The Aces allow you to make combinations, while face cards help players beat the dealers more frequently. The best hand in blackjack is 21, a combination of an Ace with a 10, a Jack, Queen, or a King. Holding a hand of 21 is unbeatable unless the dealer also has a blackjack, which is then a push bet, and the wager goes back to the player. Some players wonder why the ‘push’ situation returns their stakes when, in fact, they did not lose their hand. The answer is that players bet they have a better hand than the blackjack dealer. Nobody wins if neither has a better hand, and the bets are off.


Hard and soft hands

The Ace determines whether a hand is soft or hard. Hard hands are those without an Ace or hands with an Ace, but the Ace value is 1 and does not change. On the other end, soft hands are hands where the Ace gives players flexibility, and you can count it as either 1 or 11. Some examples of hard hands are 7-8, J-7, or K-4, while examples of soft hands are A-6, A-2, or A-9. Pay attention to the soft and hard hands, as these can significantly influence your winning chances. Remember that if you start with a soft hand, you cannot go bust, even if you take an additional card. Another essential thing to remember is that in the most popular blackjack version, the European Blackjack, dealers must stand on 17, which can be advantageous to players.


Betting rules in Blackjack

Each table has different rules and betting limits. You can find low-stakes and high-stakes games in top online casinos, so check the bet limits before joining and playing at the blackjack table. Players bet before receiving their cards. When you get your cards dealt, you have a few possibilities for proceeding.


Here is what comes next:


Press Hit if you wish to get another card. You do not have to make another bet to receive a card, and there is no limit on how many times you can press Hit. Whether you Hit or Stand usually depends on what the dealer holds in their hand.


When you are satisfied with your hand and wish to keep the cards you hold, press Stand, then the dealer will draw to complete their hand, and the winner is determined. When you Stand, your turn is over, and you cannot bet further. Remember always to stand if you hold a hand between 17 and 21.


As the name suggests, you are doubling your initial wager by pressing this button. This action is risky because you have to bet before drawing a card, and you cannot reverse back after doubling down. It can be profitable when done correctly, so it is advisable always to do it when your upcard is an Ace.


You can split the cards and play them as two separate hands when you hold a pair. You can bet each hand separately, which can help you win (or you might lose) more. Always split a pair of aces, as that will significantly boost your chances of having two winning hands. Higher pairs like 10s and 9s are worth breaking, too, especially if the dealer holds low-value cards.


If you hold a bad hand, some blackjack variants will allow you to return your bad cards in exchange for half your initial stake given back to you. If you wish to use this option, you must do it before receiving additional cards. Online casinos have different options regarding the Surrender option, so check out their specific game rules.


Side bets
Most online casinos offer side bets to make the game more attractive. Side bets significantly lower the edge of the game but are fun to take from time to time. These offer higher payouts, but it is not advisable to bet them constantly as they can drain your bankroll quickly.


Types of Blackjack tables in online casinos

Beginners will notice that online casinos have different rules or tables for blackjack. Some rules can help players, while others may lower their winning chances. The following are some things that every new casino player should consider before playing.  Check the payouts. Most tables feature a 3:2 payout, but some online casinos even offer a better payout of 2:1 on their blackjack tables. It is advisable to avoid playing on tables with 6:5 payouts because the house edge is very high in those blackjack games, and you are likely to lose more. Check the number of decks in play. Single-deck blackjack games are the most profitable, but they are a rarity anywhere.


Most online casinos offer blackjack tables with six to eight decks in the virtual shoes. Check the bet limits. That will point you to which games are suitable for beginners and which are for the high-rollers.  Read the blackjack rules before playing. Do not assume that every online casino’s blackjack rules are the same. Each game has its limitations, so examine the specific details before sitting down to play the game.  The blackjack game and its rules are straightforward and fun. Even complete novices will be fine following the basic steps and practices of the game. All casino games are exciting to play, but blackjack is one of the top games in the best online casinos. Hopefully, you will find this article helpful, and we wish you lots of luck at the blackjack tables.