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What are online scratchcards?

Online scratch cards are classified as instant win games! They involve little to no interactive play, and no skill or judgment is involved! They’re quite popular among online casino games due to their low cost, opportunity to win instantly, and availability!

All you have to do to play online scratchcards is find the game you prefer and scratch off the designated covered area! The results will display instantly, and you can compare them to the paytable! Winnings are added to your player balance, and if no bonuses or wagering requirements are in place, you may cash out!

Scratch cards were introduced in the early 1990s and were available for purchase by people of at least 16 of age (now 18). The ones interested in purchasing a scratch card could find them on stands, convenience stores, supermarkets and later, even online! Online scratchcards are a simulated, online version of real lottery scratchcards! They are simple, and the round outcomes are displayed instantly, hence the popularity! Indeed, you will find scratchcard games online with different forms, themes, and jackpots! What they all have in common is the way they’re played!

Online scratch cards simulate the real-life version by allowing players to scratch off the covered area virtually and hope for two, three, or more matching symbols to appear! Winnings may vary from one casino to another or game provider to another, but they’re usually capped at around $20.000 and can be purchased for as little as $1! Keep reading to find out more about online scratch cards, and learn how to maximize your chances of winning!

A legitimate casino will ask you to go through a KYC (Know Your Customer) process! In short, you will be required to verify your profile and submit documents like an ID and proof of address!

How do online scratchcards work?

Online scratch cards are simple! To win, simply scratch off the simulated covered area and land on three or more matching symbols! Some online scratch cards can pay you for landing on two symbols! The maximum payout varies depending on the game and the provider, but the more popular an online scratchcard game provider is, the higher the jackpot!

Online scratchcards are governed and monitored for fairness and transparency, just like the physical ones you buy at convenience stores! Much like online slots, or table games, online scratchcards are built based on random number generator (RNG) software! The latter is a piece of code crucial to the unpredictability of game results and free of the need for human input in scripting results!

The best scratchcards to play online

Stack’Em Scratch

Hacksaw Gaming is the world’s most popular game provider of online scratch cards! Their games are well-liked by casino players for their original themes and for always reflecting transparency and fairness! The first on the list is Stack’Em Scratch. It is a simple scratch card game, where to win, you have to match three identical symbols! The game supports AutoPlay mode, and the scratching effect is well-designed!

Tiger Scratch

With Tiger Scratch, also from Hacksaw Gaming, players can win up to $400,000! The minimum ticket price starts at $4, so we can all agree that this is not a cheap game! The game has a theoretical return to players of 50.29%! There are 4 million prizes that are shared among 10 million hypothetical series! It is an exciting online scratch card game with thrilling jackpots!

Money Matrix Pull Tab

This instant-win online game is powered by Realistic. Similar to scratch cards, pull tab games involve the player pulling back ‘tabs’ to reveal the symbols. It is as exciting as it gets, and with tickets being purchased for as low as 10 cents, it is worth trying a few series!

Lucky Day: Football Gold

This is a football-themed online scratch card game that can potentially payout up to $50.000! To win in Lucky Day: Football Gold, you need to match three of the same cash values that appear on the grid! The minimum round starts at 20 cents, and the RTP over the long run is 50%!

Wai Kiki Scratch

Iron Dog Studio, an industry expert in instant win games, powers this calm and easy online scratchcard! The game requires little to no skill to play, so novices may find it quite joyful. Wai Kiki Scratch features a theoretical RTP of 95% and a maximum payoff of $20.000!

Tips on how to win online scratch cards

It is of utmost importance for the experienced player to know and understand that the games he or she is playing are based on luck, and the outcome is unpredictable! We can, however, provide key playing patterns or techniques that you might use in your online scratchcard winning strategy to increase your odds of winning! Check these out:

Play on reputable online casinos

There are major advantages to playing at a trustworthy online casino that you just cannot afford to ignore! A regulated and licensed online casino partner with reliable game providers pays out winnings on time and offers customer support for any questions or issues you might have during the game!

Try different games

Don’t focus on one game alone! Instead, consider spicing up your plan with some variety! Many jackpot winners report their biggest wins when they’ve been on a multi-game rush! Play different online scratchcards games, and don’t chase losses! Thank us later!

Opt for high RPT games

RTP (return to player) is the potential percentage that an online scratch card game pays out globally! Understandably, the greater the RTP, the better the chances of winning! A reasonable RTP for online scratchcards games is between 70 and 90%!


Online scratchcards present an interesting take on instant win games! They are the simulated version of the genuine scratch cards you purchase on stands or convenience stores and can potentially pay out thousands in a matter of seconds! You can find card games online, among other well-liked games like online slots, bingo, jackpots, table games, and so on!

Their outcome is random, and as with all casino games, the results are generated using RNG software! With that said, there isn’t much you can do to predict the outcome of the game, but you can still try to improve your odds of winning by playing at respected casinos and trying different games!


There are several online scratchcards games, but none of them compare to those from Hacksaw Gaming, a well-known and reputable gaming studio!

Scratchcards games are built based on Random Number Generator (RNG) software! This piece of code ensures the outcome of your games is unpredictable and fair!

Online scratchcards are among the most popular gaming specials, so you can expect to find online scratchcards games available in virtually any online casino!