How to Become Top Player on EkstraPoint

  1. Claim your daily bonus regularly
  2. Play on the free competitions continually
  3. Whenever you feel like trying a new Casino, always use some of the EkstraPoint Offers. We handpick the top casino offers and have the best casino bonuses for users to choose from on a daily basis.
  4. Use Gold partners deposit bonuses:

Gold partners and deposit bonuses

Deposit bonuses apply only for these EkstraPoint Gold partners:

** The deposit bonuses are applied for all currencies for which automatic conversion happens. Conversion rates are changing on a daily basis and might not be updated right away so please make sure to take that into consideration and not go for lowest possible limits when depositing in other currencies.

Register and connect profile before you can claim the Deposit Rewards

In order to claim deposit rewards you need to register on the casino and connect your account. In case you have some blocker on the way, the support team will be more than glad to help with it.