Meet the Team

We’re a diverse family of A players working on a relation Copenhagen-Skopje, and it is our individuality that makes us a great team. We share the vision and values of our company, we work together, and we have fun together. We believe that doing what you love with people you respect and enjoy being around is the formula for success. We bridge the culture and business expertise of our differences to reach new heights, driven by the idea that the best work is born from diligence, hard work and passion. Our amazing team has a can-do attitude backed with talent and experience, we’re feisty change-makers and opportunity-embracers, and we pride ourselves on integrity, accountability, creativity and expertise.

We Are Ekstrapoint

An agile group of experienced developers, creative designers, great marketers, and skilled copywriters with a shared commitment to doing good work and delivering top-notch results. The project is only as good as the team working on it and with this many leaders Ekstrapoint is destined to become a pioneer in its class. We are aiming at revolutionizing the igaming industry by delivering something new and different to the users.

Our platform

We’re paving the way to building the number one affiliate platform in the world by creating a rewarding loyalty program for happy online casino players. Our loyalty platform turns every player into a happy player, with the rewarding bonuses and free-to-play daily competitions, our players reap the benefits of being at Ekstrapoint by collecting points every step of the way. This incredibly rewarding loyalty platform introduces Ekstrapoints as a currency, enabling our happy players to benefit every time they play our games.

What we believe In

We take great pride in being a compliant, trustworthy and responsible company. Combating to be one of Europe’s leading iGaming affiliates, we’re ethically required to lead by example, by both protecting our customers and partners, and protecting the long-term sustainability of the lead generation industry. The fast-paced online gambling industry drives us to act timely upon our partners’ and users’ queries following market trends, as we constantly try to be frontrunners in finding new creative ways of providing our users with valuable and relevant content in an inspiring and engaging way.

Our core values

Compliance, transparency and responsibility are in the company’s DNA followed by agility and commerciality. This makes us a company that our users, partners and stakeholders can trust. We are committed to helping drive the affiliate marketing industry forward by nurturing sustainable industry practices and by constantly striving to be an industry leader in igaming marketing compliance. We ensure that both customers and operators are safe at all times by advertising solely licensed casino brands and providing exposure to companies that are GDPR and igaming compliant.

Rules and regulations

We’re always aware of following rules and regulations to protect personal data in line with GDPR and national laws. Vita Media Group follows social media guidelines on an operator-by-operator basis to ensure we are always compliant. Social media channels include clear age restriction and responsible gambling messages. Social media posts will direct users to our own websites and when promoting a campaign or bonus, we avoid directly linking to an operator. We aim to make all social media campaigns clear, compliant and never misleading.

Happy players

Our customers are very important to us and we put in extra effort every day to make our loyalty platform even more rewarding for players. By delivering a compliant and safe loyalty engine that provides users with the ability of winning physical products as well as real money from free competitions along the opportunity to play via actual casino operators we introduced a more versatile product that adds that extra entertainment element to igambling. We are introducing a new era of responsible gambling where every player is a happy player.