What is EkstraPoint

You always win – It’s fun, fate and luck combined!

If you love playing on new slot machines and are in a constant quest to find the next best casino game, EkstraPoint offers the right bonus program for you.

Playing games of fortune on EkstraPoint will continuously give you the thrill and excitement, no matter whether you’re winning or losing. With the reward-based EkstraPoint approach, you always win – and it’s free to join. What?!

It’s quite simple: You earn EkstraPoints every time you play at one of our partner sites which you can use in our bonus shop. The more you play, the more EkstraPoints you get, naturally increasing the chances to win!


Why be a member of EkstraPoint?

EkstraPoint is free to join, rewarding to experience, and impossible to replace. You earn EkstraPoints every time you play casino or bingo games. We have weekly competitions on our slot machines, where you can win EkstraPoints to use in our EkstraPoint loyalty Shop on casino bonuses.

Playing on slot machines, online casino games, or bingo games pays off in Ekstrapoint. Every time you play casino or bingo with one of our partners, you earn EkstraPoints that are yours to keep, cash or use.

You will play anyways, so why not get all the extra benefits free of charge too?

EkstraPoint Achievement Levels

The more EkstraPoints you collect, the higher level you achieve. The higher the level, the bigger the prizes you get. Spinning the luck cycle is a truly rewarding experience.

You can see all the levels in the table below: