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What does biggest winners of April mean?

As an online gambling lover, you probably prefer to play in different online competitions and win big casino prizes. On EkstraPoint, you can participate in various tournaments and compete with people worldwide, playing popular online slots with huge awards. Our platform offers many competition categories, so choose your favourite and hang out with the biggest winners of the month.

As the name suggests, “Biggest Winners This Month” is a list on our website where you can find the top 3 winners of the listed competitions. Click on the “Competitions” tab from the menu to access and choose the “Biggest” tab. From here, you can see all our competitions and the top 3 winners for each competition, together with their earned points from the current month.

How are the biggest winners listed?

When you enter a specific competition on EkstraPoint, and if you win the highest number of points, you will be listed in that competition among the first 3 places depending on the number of points. Till the end of the month, your name will stand out in the top 3 positions until any other player earns more. In that case, you will be replaced with that player and go down one position on the list.

From the “Biggest” page, you can notice a button for every competition to start playing and try to win more points than the players in the first three positions. Some competitions bring real money for the winners, tens of thousands of EP points and different cash prizes. Also, EkstraPoint offers live competitions where you can bet live and compete with other players on the platform.

Choose your favourite gambling competition from our categories and enter the game with full enthusiasm for becoming our next biggest winner.

The benefits of becoming the biggest winner in any competition

All the players are welcome to enter any EP competition they want and compete for the first three positions. Becoming a winner on our platform means jumping into a huge prize pool and getting sweet goodies for your bank account. Depending on the competition, winners can get up to €500, 25,000 – 100,000 EP points, etc.

Also, you will be promoted on our “Biggest Winners” page, where all players can see your name, photo and the points you have won. Dedicated and patient players always take the biggest part of the prize pool cake, so try to be one of them and sweeten your bankroll like nowhere else.

For how long are winners listed on Ekstrapoint?

As the biggest winner in a particular EkstraPoint competition, your name will stand out on the list together with your winning prize until the end of that competition. If someone wins more points in the meantime, you will be replaced with that player and get a chance to win more points by the end of the competition or convert them in the EkstraPoint shop.

Our competitions usually last one month, a couple of weeks or 24 hours. Make sure to choose the best game for you and enter the battlefield with a winning mindset for prizes you didn’t know ever existed.