Reactoonz brings fantastic slot opportunities and fun entertainment. In this article, you can read more about the Quantum Leap feature, what it means and how you can take the most out of it. Read the whole article, and check out the review of this slot game. You can play this slot for free as a demo version, and it’s also a mobile-friendly slot game!

Reactoonz Brings Galactic Fun!

If you have read the Reactoonz Slot review online, you know already that this video slot is full of entertainment and excitement. This Play N Go slot takes you into a galactic adventure. This game has fantastic graphics, sound effects and adorable characters.

Even though all these are fantastic aspects, they are not the thing that makes this slot game as popular as it is. The factor that makes Reactoonz 1 slot different from other slot games is the Quantum Leap feature. This feature can bring fantastic winnings, and we will tell more about it below.

Quantum Leap Feature

When you start off the game, you can see a big monster Gargantoon on the right side of the screen and above it a meter. This meter charges up every time a winning combination lands on the grid. Each time it is charged, a random Quantum feature is added to a queue. Charging the meter takes 25 symbols to win, which might sound like a lot, but it actually happens fast due to the pace of the game.

There can be four Quantum Features in the queue, and after that, Gargantoon Feature will be added to the queue. These features will be triggered once there are no winning combinations available. The round ends when all the queued features are triggered, and there are no more winning combinations. Then the feature starts from the beginning again.

Talking of the Quantum Features, there are four different types; Implosion, Incision, Demolition and Alteration.

Implosion takes 3 to 6 symbols and changes them to Wild symbols. This feature also destroys all adjacent symbols, creating more possibilities for new winnings.

Incision cuts a wild symbol into the centre and creates two intersecting diagonal lines through the grid. Both of these lines will show the same random symbol.

Demolition destroys all one-eyed symbols and matching symbols. This is great because one-eyed symbols are low-paying symbols, so the feature creates new, bigger winning possibilities.

Alteration Chooses one random one-eyed symbol and all the ones matching it and changes them into other symbols.

As we mentioned, after all, four Quantum features have been queued, the Gargantoon feature can be added to the queue. During this feature 3×3 size Gargantoon symbol will appear as a wild symbol. The fantastic aspect of this feature is that the symbol keeps on changing in every cascade. It starts as two 2×2 symbols and will divide into nine individual symbols.

Can I Play the Reactoonz Free Demo Version?

Yes, you can! You only need to visit the Play n Go site or a casino where you can play this game for free. This is a fantastic way to get to know the Quantum Leap feature and also get familiar with other fantastic opportunities the game offers.

You can also read about the different features of this game in Reactoonz Review at EkstraPoint. You will find out about, for example, the Giantoonz feature. This feature makes 4 matching symbols in a 2×2 position automatically form one large symbol. The best aspect is that all the wins won with this feature will be doubled!

Are you ready to try out this fantastic game? Then there are a couple more things that might interest you. First, did you know that many casinos offer a Reactoonz Bonus?

With these, we mean that the casino’s bonus can be used or is even specially made for the Reactoonz slot game. Take advantage of the Boom Casino Bonus and use it on these slots.

Additionally, due to the popularity of this slot game, Play n Go decided to launch a sequel to this slot. This slot game is called Reactoonz 2. If you enjoyed the original Reactoonz Slot, we are sure that this version will also please you.

So go ahead and try both versions out and have fun! Find out more about all the fantastic features on EkstraPoint’s review. While you are there, you can join in great weekly competitions completely for free!