Sometimes the best things in life come for free, and this certainly applies to free lotto online. The idea of participating in draws with a free lotto ticket knowing that you can win amazing prizes is thrilling. So, is it possible to get a lottery ticket online for free? Of course, it is!

How to Earn a Free Lottery Ticket?

Instead of endless searching online and wasting valuable time, we will tell you how you can get a free lottery ticket fast and possibly win cash prizes with it.

For a chance to get a free lotto ticket, the first thing you should do is join the Ekstrapoint platform. Ekstrapoint offers a unique loyalty program, rewarding its players and turning them into happy casino players. Frequent bonuses and free-to-play daily competitions can bring numerous benefits to online casino players.

So, how to get a lottery ticket online for free?

Ekstrapoint recently partnered with the popular lottery site Lottofy, and this exciting partnership means more fun for online players. All new players who choose to sign-up on Ekstrapoint will be rewarded with free lottery tickets by Lottofy. Sounds great, right?

How to Unlock the Free Lotto Tickets?

Unlocking the free lottery tickets will be very easy. After a new user signs up at EkstraPoint and plays a competition, they should contact EkstraPoint and get the link from Lottofy to claim the free ticket to participate in a free online lottery.

If you have not yet started your casino adventure, now is the perfect time to do so. Join the most rewarding loyalty platform online – EkstraPoint, and earn yourself a free lottery ticket.

What is Lottofy?

Lottofy stands out among other free lottery sites with its fantastic design, choice of games, as well as helpful features for players that should help them get a winning ticket. With Lottofy, you do not have to travel anywhere to take a shot in one of the many large jackpots in dozens of free lotteries around the world. On this platform, you can choose your six numbers wherever you are, in any way you want, and whenever you want.

Lottofy has a license issued by one of the most reputable regulatory bodies in the gaming industry – the Malta Gaming Authority. That means you are guaranteed security when playing on the platform. Best of all – there are no fees for lottery prizes, so everything is yours to keep if you have the winning numbers.

Benefits of EkstraPoint & Lottofy Partnership

The core goal of the EkstraPoint & Lottofy partnership is to reward loyal EkstraPoint players with something extra. New EkstraPoint users would benefit a lot from this initiative because besides getting the already significant benefits of EkstraPoint, they will plus get free lottery tickets for an additional chance of winning prizes in big lottery games.

Ekstrapoint is a terrific platform for online players because it is the only platform that rewards the loyalty of players by giving them free spins in daily games! Ekstrapoint is free to sign-up. All you need to do is join the free slot machine competitions and play to win real prizes! The more loyal you are, the higher your rewards will be.

You can play exciting casino games and participate in slot competitions that pay out EkstraPoint points and casino bonus money. Earn EkstraPoints by playing free games and using them to get real-money casino bonuses from the loyalty shop.