Casino Room is celebrating the implementation of Cellxpert and giving the players out there a chance unheard of: winning a real deal Gold Bar with a net worth of €5k. We had our jaws drop down to the floor, and we can only imagine your reaction when reading about this very offer.

The Treasure Is Waiting

From today, the 23rd of July, up to the 24th of August, the span of time covering one full month can be productively used to strike the big hit. And believe it or not: there is more! Because a €5000 leaderboard accompanies the full-blown Gold Bar to make it even more delicious.

And right there, when you thought it couldn’t get any better, we have the additional bonus delight. Every player participating in the Gold conquest is eligible for Free Spins, Cashback, Rewards in Cash and other additional Extra Tickets. Now you are obviously asking yourself: how am I getting in to become the final winner?!

Casino Room Bonus

Well. All you need to do is Opt-in in order to get access to all the efforts regarding the Gold Bar achievement path during this one month. Every single €1 wagered in Red Tiger’s newest rendition of the beloved Gonzo’s Quest with the catchy Megaways™ feature provides players 1 raffle ticket moving closer towards the desired Gold Bar as well as a deserved place on the leaderboard. As the tickets increase, so does the position on the €5000 leaderboard and the grasp on the pure Gold. To make things practical, players can easily keep an eye on the weekly updated ticket counter, which will be available on the promotions and rewards page of Casino Room.

Enough said – visit Casino Room, and may the Quest for Glory and Riches begin!