iDeal is a convenient online payment method allowing users to make quick and secure online payments. It is only available to customers with a Dutch IBAN, making it the most popular payment method in the Netherlands. Did you know that iDeal provides a safe online banking environment, allowing users to pay for all kinds of services? It is also an ideal payment method for making online casino deposits. In this review, you will learn about the iDeal payment Netherlands, how to use iDeal online payment, the pros and cons, and get a list of the top iDeal casinos.

What is iDeal Payment Method?

The iDeal payment provider was founded by a team of Dutchmen back in 2005. What makes it an ideal payment method is that it allows users to quickly fund their online casino accounts without sharing their private or banking information. This ideal payment Netherlands method is considered a trustworthy system that protects users’ confidential information.

Unlike most other e-wallets, iDeal funds are pulled straight from the user’s bank account as soon as the user requests to deposit in an online casino and goes through the two-factor authentication.

The iDeal payment system Netherlands is a partner with several Dutch banks, steadily building its customer base. Nowadays, iDeal online transactions exceed a hundred million per year, and iDeal is one of the best casino payment methods to use in the Netherlands.

The iDeal online payment service is also mobile-friendly. Paying with iDeal is fast, which is why some online casinos accept this method, and more and more Dutch users choose it to make casino payments.

Pros & Cons of Ideal Payment Method


  • Users do not have to create a separate account from their bank account
  • Transactions are fast and easy both on mobile and desktop
  • Instant online payments
  • A safe and secure method for online payments
  • No private data or bank information is shared with online casinos


  • Not available outside the Netherlands
  • Not all banks and online casinos accept this payment system
  • Challenging to reverse a payment that is sent by error

Using iDeal as an Online Banking Method

Using iDeal is very easy, as it only takes a couple of minutes to deposit money with this payment option. Online casino deposits are instant, and users are only required to enter some basic information along with the amount they wish to deposit. There is a two-factor authentication for added security, making iDeal an excellent option for all e-commerce, online casinos, and other online payments.

Depositing With iDeal at Online Casinos

iDeal is Netherlands’ ideal payment method for online casinos, which functions perfectly both on desktop and mobile.

Dutch users do not have to create any specific new account because iDeal is connected with all the top banks in the Netherlands. That allows customers from the Netherlands to make quick deposits in online casinos by using their bank accounts as a funding option. Here is how Internet casino players can deposit into their casino accounts:

  • Visit the Cashier section in the online casino and choose iDeal as a deposit method.
  • Select your Dutch bank.
  • You will be taken directly to the online banking site of your Dutch bank.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions on your online banking page, finish the two-factor authentication, and choose the amount you wish to deposit into the online casino.
  • Check all information before you submit the deposit request.
  • After you submit the request, your cash will appear almost instantly in your online casino account.

Withdrawing With iDeal at Online Casinos

Unfortunately, it is not possible to withdraw money from online casinos with the iDeal payment method. Perhaps this will change sometime in the future, but Dutch users have to use another way to withdraw their money for now. You have options to use any credit card or debit card, or other e-wallets or choose a classic bank transfer for safe and secure casino withdrawals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of iDeal

We can easily see why iDeal is an ideal payment system in the Netherlands. A significant advantage of this method is secure SSL encryption on the transactions, which is great for online shoppers and casino players.

Besides that, iDeal is effortless to use. You can quickly make purchases and online deposits without proving your identity or filling in any sheets with information. All that is required is just inputting a few basic bank details. It only takes a few seconds to finish everything, which is something online casino players love.

Another thing in favour of iDeal is the low fees, if any. Customers are not charged anything extra apart from some minor fees in specific banks.

When it comes to disadvantages, the biggest one is that this payment method is only available to customers from the Netherlands, so people from other countries cannot take advantage of the benefits this payment method provides.

Although iDeal is a safe banking method, it does not protect its customers if the payment goes wrong. For example, if the user sends money to the wrong account by error, iDeal will not reverse that transaction as banks would. In such cases, only the bank where the user has an account will be able to help.

iDeal Safety and Security

Since iDeal is directly connected with top banks in the Netherlands, there is a high level of protection of their accounts and funds. Since iDeal started its operations in 2005, there have been over two billion online payments with this method.

iDeal is a great option to use on mobile, it functions excellently with QR codes, which makes transactions smooth and fast. There is also a two-factor authentication of every money transaction, ensuring that the user and bank account owner wishes to complete the transaction.

Verdict: iDeal is a Top Payment Method for Dutch Players

With the numerous banking methods out there, the iDeal payment option is recognized for its top-quality features and high levels of protection. Using iDeal online is effortless, and transactions are pretty quick when making deposits at online casinos.

However, the major disadvantage is that iDeal is not available outside the Netherlands, and casino withdrawals are not possible with this method for now. Still, that does not change the fact that iDeal is still one of the best payment methods for Dutch casino players.

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