Jackie Jackpot is a fantastic online casino, but are you familiar with their rewarding VIP Club for loyal players? It has seven levels, and every state just keeps on being better and more rewarding than the one before. Start as a new member and rise the ladders all the way to the Prestige!

Climb Up with Us!

Jackie Jackpot Casino is a fantastic online casino that offers everything an online player could wish for a great gambling location. Amazing game selection, lucrative welcome offer, and not to forget an awarding VIP Rewarding Program! Find out about everything you need to know to get absolutely the most out of this club made for loyal players.

Exclusive Club Welcomes You

Jackie Jackpot Casino’s reward system is called the Exclusive Club, and it’s divided into seven different levels. When you start as a new player on the site, you will immediately start from the first level, called New Member. You can climb up the ladder by simply doing your favourite things, playing and making deposits. After the New Member level, the levels are called Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Premium, and finally, Prestige.

The higher level you are on, the more fantastic rewards you will receive. In this article, we will go through all levels and introduce all the special aspects of each and every level.

Jackie Jackpot Welcome Bonus

Enter the Club as a New Member

With each level, you will get a welcome package for entering that level. Once you use a Jackie Jackpot Login for the first time by registering and making your first deposit, you will be awarded Welcome Offer. Additionally, Jackie Jackpot Casino will put you on the first level of the Loyalty Club ladder.

This means that you don’t have to collect any loyalty points to reach this level, but then, on the other hand, the Welcome bonus at Jackie Jackpot is the welcome package for entering this level.

Nevertheless, there are other significant aspects of being on the first level of the loyalty program. The Reward Point Redemption Rate on this level is 35. They have also included a Fast Cash Our Process into this level. To make your birthday even more unique, you will also get a nice Birthday Bonus every year on your special day.

Bronze Level

Following the New Member level, the second level is called Bronze Level. When you reach this level, by collecting merely 10 loyalty points, you will be awarded a gift of 25 Games! The Reward Point Redemption Rate on this level is 30, and it has all the same aspects as the New Member level and more!

They offer 5 Games as a Sunday Spins bonus, you guessed it, every Sunday! Additionally, you get to join in Live Tournaments!

Silver Level

Entering this level will give you 50 Games as a warm welcome offer. You will need to collect 60 loyalty points, which is obviously a bit higher but surely worth all the work. The Reward Point Redemption Rate is lowered to 28, and now you will be getting even 10 Games on Sunday Spins. Like on the Bronze level, you can also access LIVE Tournaments, get Birthday Bonuses, and have a fast cash-out process.

Gold Level

Once you enter the next level, fittingly named the Gold Level, you will get 50 games AND a 50% EXTRA Bonus as a gift. Surely, you need to get 350 Loyalty Points to access this level, but you will get those points with gaming and making deposits. The reward point redemption level is again lowered, this time to 25, but the amount of Sunday Spins is raised to a fantastic 20 Games! Naturally, all the other great aspects of lower levels continue to the Gold level as well.

Platinum Level

After Gold Level, the rewards get to a serious level! If you collect 1000 Loyalty Points, you will reach a Platinum Level, and then you will be awarded a THREE-DAY welcome offer! On Day 1, you will be given €50 bonus cash; on the second day, you will receive a bonus on all deposits, and the third day will bring you an Exclusive Cash Back Offer.

The awesomeness doesn’t even stop here because the Reward Point Redemption Rate is lowered to 23, and the Fast Cash Out process is made to be even faster than before! Additionally, you will be getting even 40 games on Sunday Spins bonus; you will have a higher deposit and cash out limits, personalized offers, a personal account manager, and a Monthly Cash Back bonus.


On the Premium level, the players will be amazed! They will be again awarded a fantastic three-day bonus once they reach this level. And only players who get a personal invite to this level can reach it, so it truly is exclusive.

On the first day, the players will get €50 Bonus Cash; on the second day, they will get upgraded bonuses on all their deposits; on the third day, they will receive a fantastic personal offer. The Reward Point Redemption Rate is 20, Sunday Spins is mind-blowing 50 Games, and the Monthly Cash Back is higher than on Platinum Level, and as you can guess, the other fantastic features transform into this level as well.


Last but certainly not least, the Prestige Level awaits! To reach this level, you need to be personally invited as well, but once you enter it, all the work you have done is truly awarded. On the first day, you will get even €100 bonus cash; on the second day, you will get even 50 Prestige Games; and Third, you will be given another Personal Offer!

The Reward Point Redemption Rate is Mind staggering 15, and the Monthly Cash Back bonus is naturally the highest possible! To continue in the same line as before, obviously, you will be getting all the other fantastic bonuses and features as on the levels before this one. Jackie Jackpot Online casino keeps on rewarding!

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