October 1st, 2021, was a historic day for Netherlands gamblers. The Netherlands government opened the doors for regulated and legal online gambling, with players placing legal sports bets and playing legal casino games online.

The Dutch online gambling market initially opened for around ten gambling operators, including the heavyweights Bet365, GGPoker, and the sports media business LiveScore. UK-based Tombola and Dutch land-based operator Holland Casino were among the first to get a licence to provide online gambling to Dutch residents.

Since then, many operators have entered the Dutch gaming market, and the revenue stream has been excellent. The Netherlands government has been pretty satisfied with the income from legalized online gambling, which lowered illegal gambling and unreported gambling income by a considerable margin.

Money Goes Up – Millions of Dollars In The First Half of 2022!

Regarding revenue from online gambling, the Holland Casino earned an incredible €82.8m for the first six months of 2022!

In total, Holland Casino had made a whopping €353.4m in revenue, which is more than the year 2021, when they earned a total of €304.2m, and more than the entire 2020, when they collected €333.1m.

2020 and 2021 were difficult years for Holland Casino, as there was a pandemic, and many businesses were closed. However, things are finally getting back to normal now, and online gambling has started to flourish again.

Loyal casino goers are enjoying legalized gambling, and the €82.8m in revenue makes up 23.4% of the overall gambling revenue of Holland Casino.

Holland Casino & Online Gambling

Online gambling is a relatively new addition for Holland Casino. It got added as an option for players in October of 2021, after legalizing gambling in the Netherlands. In the first three months of the operations, Holland Casino made €40.4m from their new vertical, which is a significant success.

2022 has been very successful and positive so far. After the worldwide pandemic, online gambling continues to grow, and Holland Casino expects to provide even better services to Dutch consumers. The start has been promising, but many exciting things are coming up.

Holland Casino aims to keep creating a stable and safe gambling environment, providing even more games and other offerings to gamblers.

Holland Casino Earnings & Taxes

Holland Casino’s earnings before tax, interest, amortization and depreciation are €40m from online gambling. The pre-tax profit is around €8.2m.

But it is not all about earnings. The operator repaid €51.7m in various taxes, which payment got previously postponed due to the recent pandemic. They are still paying out taxes in installments, but the important thing is that everyone is satisfied with how things are going.

The gambling future in the Netherlands looks bright, with more and more operators entering the market. Maybe the Netherlands is not that big of a country, but more people are willing to open accounts and play at legalized casinos, contributing more money to the Dutch economy.