With people spending lots of time online entertaining themselves, scammers take advantage of the situation and get more creative with their scams. Everyone should take measures to protect themselves when they go online. We have some basic rules and advice to help you keep your money and data safe by identifying online casino scams.

If you are an avid online gambler, you should beware of hackers, scammers and others with bad intentions. Unfortunately, many players fall victim to scam casinos each year. To avoid that, we will point you to the most common online casino scams and how to spot and avoid them. Keep reading the guide and take notes.

online casino scams

Typical online casino scams

There are thousands of online gambling websites, so chances are high that you might bump into a rogue site. Especially if you don’t know what or where to look for. Here are some common ways how casino players get scammed online.

Money theft

Money or casino deposit theft is probably the most common online casino scam. In some rigged online casinos, players will see their deposit amounts vanish or never show up in their casino accounts. Or, they may receive a notification they do not have enough money or that their deposits get cancelled or declined even though they do have enough money to deposit. Note that this could be a rare occurrence or a glitch, but if it happens to you, make sure you notify the casino’s customer support immediately.

Casino bonus scams

Most online casinos give players a welcome bonus or other bonuses to boost their bankrolls. Scammers often use these to their advantage, creating fake offers which look almost too good to be true. Then they trick players into depositing money so they can steal them and leave players dumbfounded.

Financial/Identity theft

Financial and identity theft are the hardest to detect and avoid. When you create a casino account, you must provide essential information about your name, address, date of birth, credit card or other banking information, and additional stuff to proceed with the application. Unfortunately, hackers may use malicious software to hack your online casino account and still that information. If you do not want to provide banking information or feel unsafe sharing your credit card payment information, we advise you to use e-wallets like Skrill or PayPal, as these are safer methods to use at online gambling sites.

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When talking about online gambling fraud, infecting computers with malicious software is one of the tools hackers and scammers use. They can steal sensitive info by infecting computers. The best course of action to avoid being a victim of gambling fraud is to be mindful of where you click, which websites you visit, and from where you download programs. Always use a quality antivirus program to protect your computer and your information.

Not paying out

Online casino fraud can also happen when the casinos do not pay out winnings to players. They may use a few tricks to prevent players from getting their money out, like claiming they have not met the withdrawal wagering requirements, even if they do meet them.

You’ve likely been scammed if you face problems receiving your winnings despite meeting all the necessary requirements to get a withdrawal.

Rigged games

Some scammers try and create fake casinos online to rig games, so you will never win, no matter what you do. They will encourage you to keep playing and losing while you hope you will eventually give up or deposit even more funds. This online gambling fraud is very difficult to prove, as gambling online comes with risks anyway, and casino games do not necessarily give you great chances of earning overall.

online casino scams

Customer support does not exist

A classic sign that an online casino is a scam is that they do not have a customer support service. So, if you run into problems or issues, you will not be able to reach anyone or ask anyone for help. If you lose your money, it’s gone with no one to complain to. Fortunately, most legit online casinos have excellent customer support teams available through numerous channels.

Stay safe from online casino scam

If you think you are a victim of a deposit theft, identity theft, or any other online casino scam, make sure to do something, so it does not happen to anyone else. Here is what you can do.

Spread the word about the casino scam

The best way to warn people about online casino scams is to share your bad experience with everyone online. Nowadays, people go to forums and websites to read about casinos, check reviews, and other people’s experiences before playing. So the best thing to do is to tell them to avoid registering at such an online gambling site to avoid being scammed.

Contact the gambling license provider

If the online casino has a gambling license issued by a reputable organization, you can directly complain to the gambling authority in question. This does not always lead to a positive outcome, but it is an action worth taking to raise awareness about some issues.

Check casino review websites and blogs

It is always a great idea to visit gambling websites and blogs to read which are safe online casinos and which ones to avoid. Usually, these websites are full of people’s experiences and reviews where you can get a good idea about legit casinos where you can safely play slot machines, online poker, table games, and other casino games without worries.

Preventing online gambling scams

Following a few basic tips can save your nerves, energy and money, so make sure you keep following things in mind.

Before committing to an online casino play, an essential thing to do is research the online casino thoroughly. If there are more bad reviews than good ones online, then it is probably the best idea to avoid playing on that platform and seek alternatives.

This is also an essential thing to do to protect your computer from an online casino scam. Most security breaches and cyber attacks come from viruses, so invest in quality casino software to ease your worries.

When you are just starting to play in a new online casino, you should start with small deposits instead of putting large amounts into your account. This way, if the online casino turns out to be a scam and you are a victim, you will not lose much money. Yes, losing money is bad, but losing $20 is not the same as losing $2000.

All legit online casinos have a license from a reputable gambling authority. This information is usually easily accessible somewhere on the site. If you cannot find it, or the casino does not have a gambling license, that is a red flag.

Before you create an online casino account and provide your information, read the full terms and conditions. Yes, it can be boring to read so much stuff, but that is the only way to precisely know what to expect, what you agree on, and other important legal information.


Online casino scams are becoming widespread in today’s modern online world. But there are numerous ways to protect yourself. By learning more about the types of online casino scams and having a better understanding of what you can do to avoid them, you can ensure never falling for them. We advise you to check the list of our legitimate online casinos and choose one of the reputable recommendations to play.

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