Internet. A revolutionary tool that has changed a great portion of our lives. And it all indicates that it is here to stay. Today, most of us use the Internet to do our shopping, and work, and inevitably, it also affects how we gamble. To top it all off, there is a pandemic right now that limits our movement, so having an online option for doing all these things is actually a blessing. And not in disguise. Let’s go back to gambling. Going online has been a convenient option, and developers made sure they kept the games thrilling and fun, even without all the noise and excitement that land casinos provide. Online casinos have been a hit in the year that has passed, and what follows is a list of the four most popular ones in 2021. A list worth going through in 2022 too.

Online Casinos That Rocked in 2021 and Keep On Rockin’ in 2022

Spin Casino

First on this (kind of) short but the essential list is the Spin Casino. It started providing online fun in 2017, and in three years, it succeeded in becoming one of the fastest-growing and most widely demanded online casinos.

One of the reasons why this is true is their game selection. It is huge, and what matters is that Spin Casino offers games from a few of the world’s best game developers. These include Netent, Play n Go, IGT, Play Soft, and Microgaming. Players appreciate it when they have the opportunity to choose from the best. The number of games exceeds 1000, and the website is easy to use; it looks great, and it offers a great user experience.

CasiPlay Casino

Next comes the CasiPlay Casino. This one is an awe-inspiring, exciting, and feature-rich online casino made to leave players speechless once they enter the website. Its design is far from simplistic – the graphics are top-notch, and the game selection is excellent as well.

Besides that, if you are new to this site, you will get a 100% first deposit bonus of up to 350$. Moreover, the casino offers daily bonuses, 80 free spins on slot games, and weekly jackpots. Worth the visit, right?

PlayAmo Casino

PlayAmo is, according to many, one of the fastest-growing online casino websites available today. Once you sign up, you will get to choose from more than 1800 different games, all of the excellent quality. Players have access to slot games brought by 12 different providers and a great live casino game developed by Evolution gaming. Additionally, if you are new at PlayAmo Casino, you get a 100% match bonus and 100 free spins.

Sloty Casino

Third on this list is Sloty Casino. As the name suggests, this online casino is famous for its slot games. Except for the enormous range of games to choose from, Sloty Casino is known for its fast and helpful customer support division, and it provides a great player experience. The top reviews it gets are proof of that.

Sloty Casino

What Do These Top Online Casinos Have in Common?

In order to make it to the top, online casinos need to excel in more than a few areas. Here are some for you to know and keep in mind the next time you decide which casino is worth your while.

Large Game Selection – if an online casino doesn’t offer a wide range of games, players may get bored and never come back to play again. Besides the vast choice, they also work with high-quality software providers. All this so that players can enjoy quality graphics and game styles;

Licensing and Reputation – each trustworthy online casino needs to be appropriately licensed. This should go without saying. If online casinos have an adequate license, they are reputable and honest enough to get one, so they are worth your try;

User-Friendly Website – online casinos that are valued by players have simple and easily accessible websites. You are not supposed to lose yourself looking through several different unnecessary sections that will lose your time and nerves. The whole experience should go smoothly and stress-free;

Fair Bonus Policies – sure, most online casinos on the market offer bonuses as a way to attract more players. But what separates the top few from the rest are the terms and conditions these bonuses come with. If an online casino wants to gain popularity and value, it needs to offer real chances for a win, not ambiguous and almost impossible requirements;

Mobile Compatibility – as online casinos move forward, having a website compatible with mobile devices is a must. More than enough, players already prefer to play on their smartphones rather than from laptops, and a top online casino should make that happen;

Friendly and Efficient Customer Support – another point that is very important. All the above-mentioned online casinos come with quality customer service. There are friendly support departments available for you anytime you need help or have a question.

What’s New in the Online Casino World?

In order to stay in the know, besides the top online casinos in 2020, we also bring you the top news that each player needs to know about. Keep on reading for details.

No Accounts Casinos – A New Trend?

No accounts Casinos started gaining popularity among players. Since it is almost impossible to come up with something new in the online casino world – developers are trying out this new trend.

No account casinos allow players to gamble and make withdrawals without having to sign up on the website. Players only need to make a choice when it comes to the payment method. You simply enter the amount you want to play with, you provide a few banking details for payout, and that is it. By the end of this short process, you get a username to play with. No registration is needed.

However, as convenient as it may sound, this whole idea is relatively new, and there is no doubt that not all no account online casinos out there are trustworthy. Stay alert!

Iowa Hits a Record: Sports Betting Reached $100m in December

Online and retail sportsbook developers reached a record December and a total of $600m in 2020 – according to the amounts released by the state of Iowa. The official data was announced on the 8th of January, and it stated that the month of December got to $104.8 million in sports wagers. This amount makes Iowa the eighth state in the USA to go over $100 million in bets in a month.

Even though the pandemic was a hard hit on the live bets, the total amount in wagers for 2020 was $575.2 million. Operators netted $41.6m, and the state collected $2.9 million in one year. Analysis from shows that in the next 5 years, Iowa will get to $4 billion a year, and the biggest share of those wagers will come from online betting games.

A New Patent for Crypto Payments in Online Casinos – Can It Change the Industry?

IGT (International Game Technology) is one of the biggest slot developers in the entire world. It has spread the news about a new patent that can, without a doubt, bring enormous changes in the online gambling world and make a huge breakthrough as well.

Namely, IGT has a patent that allows all online gamblers to play with cryptocurrency in slot games, and they can do it directly from their accounts. No crypto ATMs are needed. At this moment, BTC and Ethereum are available in the system as digital currencies that are acceptable for making deposits.

Lawmakers in Indiana Filed an iGaming Legislation

As players expected and hoped for, Indiana lawmakers have finally decided to file bills that will make online casino gaming legal in this state too. The bill mentions that each land-based licensed casino will be allowed to partner with a maximum of 3 iGaming providers.

If this bill passes, Indiana will join Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and New Jersey as states that offer iGaming options for players to enjoy.

Casino news for online gambling

What Can Online Gamblers Expect in the Future?

Lastly, we will discuss what comes next for the world of online casinos and online gambling. Well, wonder no more; we are here to keep you informed. Here are the five biggest trends you can expect in 2022 when it comes to online gambling. Let’s dive in!

First of all, it is essential to know that the online gambling industry is rising, and it is nowhere near the finish. Today, the industry is worth over $60 billion, and by the end of 2024, that number is expected to go as high as $94 billion. Naturally, in order to stay relevant and interesting for players, the software and game developers need to create more captivating games, themes and innovative approaches. What can there possibly be? Here is a glance.

More Mobile Gambling

Since online goes hand in hand with mobile, it was expected that mobile gambling would increase its presence in the market. All mobile gadgets allow players to easily and quickly access their favourite online casino and gamble anytime, anyplace. Regardless of the time and place – all you need is your phone or tablet and a stable internet connection.

Online casinos and game developers are fully aware of this rising trend. That is why they have significantly invested in making their websites mobile-friendly or creating entire gambling applications. All of this will result in an immaculate user experience and more convenience and accessibility than ever before. With just a few clicks on your mobile device, and you are in and ready to play.

Enhanced Gambling Experience

This was the case in 2021 – the entire gambling experience improved a lot. And even more, is expected in 2022. Gambling companies, software, and game developers are all trying to improve the player’s experience by incorporating more advanced features and graphics.

Their main goal for 2022 will be to create an advanced and personalized experience for online gamblers. One feature that impresses everyone – from developers to all gamblers – is AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is an extraordinary feature that will develop a customized web page or an app page and provide guidance by using interactive chatbots. And if that was not enough, this impressive feature will also help to lock out and stay safe from scammers and fraudsters while playing.

Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming

Besides the AI feature mentioned above, another quite interesting take on online gambling is the virtual reality option. It is still in progress, of course, but we can all expect to see improvements and definitely some big changes in the gambling industry during 2022.

The main reason why more and more online casinos consider including this feature is the advanced user experience it will provide. Just imagine, while playing and gambling, it will look like you will feel like you are at a real brick casino. Players would only need a VR device, and they will get to enjoy the thrilling world of online gambling as they have never ever before. Technology offers so much.

Casinos Will Allow for Cryptocurrency Transactions

There is a big chance that you have already heard about the terms cryptocurrency and blockchain. Or maybe the term bitcoin is more familiar to you, but you may still not be sure what all the fuss is about.

Simply put, blockchain is a type of technology that uses time-stamped records, and a few non-editable blocks, and these are all managed by multiple different computers. So, what this ultimately means is that it doesn’t have one central location. To make sure that all the blocks of data mentioned before are secure – the computers rely on cryptography.

Since this type of technology has been on the rise, a great number of online casinos have decided to incorporate it for different areas and operations. The area that matters most for players is payment. You need to know here that blockchain delivers the payouts in smart contracts, which makes them far more secure and faster than fiat money. Players care about security, and this technology is here to make sure that no player is ever scammed. You won’t even have to provide personal and bank info when you make a deposit.