Starting from casual gamblers to professional players – poker has surely caught the attention of millions around the world. And there are several reasons why. Poker is a game of skill, and when compared to other simpler games – poker is not entirely up to chance; it depends on the player’s skill set, effort, and, undeniably, luck.

Do You Know What Are The Rules of the Game?

The game rules are not that complicated to learn, but building strategies and experience are key if you want to excel at poker. Tactics and tricks all matter, and the always-important “poker face” as well. All these features add to the excitement and thrill of the game. Can you read the opponent? Can you outsmart everyone and win the big bucks? The competition is, at times, even more fun than winning the money. A great number of players see the poker table as an arena where they can challenge other players and show them their upper hand. That’s the drive for this kind of player, not the money.

Another reason why many are choosing poker over other casino games is its availability. Even though some games are illegal in some countries, poker is legal almost everywhere around the globe. And in today’s world, convenience matters for everyone – including poker players. You can play at a land top casino, or you can play online if you feel like it. Nowadays, facing Covid related restrictions – having the online option comes as a blessing. If you want to ensure a safe and secure game, you can look through the top 10 casino sites worldwide and go for one that is undoubtedly legit and fair.

If you lack inspiration and are curious about how much the best players win and whether or not they are actually famous – the following list is for you. It is a list of the best poker players according to their winnings. Once you go through it, you will indeed feel inspired to try and master poker yourself. Who is best for inspiration, if not the masters of the game, right? So, without further ado, let’s meet the best poker players in the world.

The Best Poker Players by Winnings

Justin Bonomo – Winnings: $44,040,711

Justin Bonomo is a poker player whose career definitely started early. Bonomo was only 16 when he first earned his big bucks. He had an impressive run and managed to turn a $500 deposit into an enormous $10,000 pot. Justin was playing Paradise Poker at the time. It took him just a couple of years to become the youngest poker player to play at a televised final poker table event. He succeeded in bringing an astonishing $40,815 home. Not bad for a first TV even, right?

Since that first big win, Justin has won first place at more than 20 events worldwide. Most worth mentioning are the 2012 EPT Grand Final and the 2018 WSOP Big One for One Drop. Here are his top 3 biggest tournament wins:

Justin Bonomo Winnings


Daniel Negrenau – Winnings: $39,830.195

Daniel Negreanu is a player who has made quite a name for himself. The Global Poker Index named him the player of the decade. He held the title from 2004 to 2013, and it is evident that he deserves to be this high on our list. Currently, Daniel holds seven amounts of cash for $1 million or more; not one is larger than the one he won in 2014, though. Then he was first and won $8.28 million in the Big One for One Drop WSOP Tournament. Another notion that separates Negrenau from the rest of the top poker players is the fact that he is the only player to win World Series bracelets in Europe, Australia, and Las Vegas. Astounding! Here are his top 3 biggest tournament wins:

daniel winnings table

Erik Seidel – Winnings: $34,782,419

Erik Seidel is an example of another player whose career bloomed before the internet’s top casino games even existed. He was noticed by the public in 1988 when he won a second-place at the WSOP Main Event held that year. His final hand was so talked about that it was immortalized in the movie “Rounders.” The peak of his career was definitely in 2011. It was a year when he took more than $6.5 million home from tournament participation. He won these prizes on two continents, making him a worldly renowned player appreciated by many.  Here are his top 3 biggest tournament wins:

erik sedidel winnings


Fedor Holz – Winnings: $32,556,379

One of the youngest players on the list, Fedor Holz, has had a quick rise to fame in 2016. It was his year for sure – he managed to receive his first WSOP bracelet and secured 2nd place at the Super High Roller Bowl all in just one year. The time he got the bracelet, he won the No-Limit Hold’em for One Drop Tournament and took $111,111 home. He gets more motivated after that, of course, and his big wins did not end. In the 2018 WSOP, he got to a brilliant 2nd place. He won $6 million from that tournament. Here are his top 3 biggest tournament wins:

fedor holz

David Peters – Winnings: $30,106,263

David has confessed that he converted to online poker after witnessing Chris Moneymaker win huge in 2003. What came next was the development of David’s brilliant poker career. He has succeeded in winning 9 separate amounts of cash over $1 million, making him one of today’s biggest poker names. He has “only” one bracelet, but he has won more than 50 cash finishes in the WSOP, and he has shown his poker face to 8 final poker tables. He is not to be underestimated. Here are his top 3 biggest tournament wins:

david paters


Daniel Colman – Winnings: $28,925,059

One of the main reasons why we included Daniel Colman in this list is the notion that he grabbed the second-largest payout in the history of poker tournaments. This undoubtedly got him space in the hall of fame dedicated to poker legends. He made this famous win during the Big One for One Drop in WSOP 2014. Luckily, he did not stop there. He also is a proud owner of a few player awards, including the 2014 BLUFF Player of the Year Award, and next came the 2014 Card Player Magazine Player of the Year prestigious award. Here are his top 3 biggest tournament wins:

daniel colman

Reasons Why Players Should Explore the World of Online Poker

First of all, the world of online poker is limitless. Yes – limitless choice of rooms, limitless hours of availability, and limitless convenience. Keep on reading for a few reasons why online casinos and online poker games are a great idea to consider the next time you play.

  • Availability – regardless of the time you feel like playing, online poker rooms are here to welcome you. No need for the hassle, no need for long drives. Simply log into your favourite online casino and let the games begin. Besides being there for you 24/7, online casinos offer a large number of different poker rooms. You are not geographically limited, and you can even play in more rooms at the same time. No land-based casino can ever offer you that chance.
  • Big Wins – for many, this is the driving motivator, and online casinos will not disappoint you here either. You can double or triple your deposit by playing online poker, just as you would when playing in person. The big difference here is that online casinos that feature poker games also offer bonuses that will help you win even more.
  • Improve Your Skills – This is especially convenient for less experienced players. You can choose the room according to your skill level. On the other hand, experienced players may find more thrill in playing against better players – so they can go for tables where higher skill levels are required—a win-win scenario for everyone.

Online Casinos You Should Consider for Safe and Secure Gambling

The Internet is a big place, and you can come across various different online casinos that may seem legal and secure but, unfortunately, turn out to be quite the opposite. One bad experience can make you reconsider the entire concept, and that is a big shame. Trust us; there are a plethora of choices out there that make sure your user experience is top-notch and, most importantly, safe. You can go through the top ten casino sites or just explore the list below.

Jackie Jackpot Casino

This is a medium-sized casino, and even though it is not the biggest on the list, it still offers a variety of games for its players. Besides poker, you can also find video slots, scratch cards, and other live casinos and table games. All the Jackie Jackpot Casino games are created by the best software providers out there (IGT, Microgaming, NetEnt, and more), and you can rest assured the casino is properly licensed and regulated. There is another catch – if you decide to play online poker (or any other game for that matter) via Ekstra Point, you get EkstraPoints. You have the opportunity to use these extra points in the loyalty shop to purchase casino bonuses or even products. The choice is yours. Once you decide to play, why not explore the option of winning something extra? At least you can be sure that at the end of the day, you are always a winner in EkstraPoint.

Online Casino Sites

Wildz Casino

This is the second online casino on our list, and we decided to include it because, besides the wide range of games to choose from, it also offers big welcoming bonuses and offers for players. Its origins are from Malta, but poker players from Canada, New Zealand, India, and countries in Europe are all welcome to play.EkstraPoint is worth mentioning again because once you sign up to Wildz casino and play via EP, you get 25,000 EkstraPoints to use as you see fit.

Lucky Days Casino

As mentioned before, you should do your research before you decide which online casino you should trust and provide your personal information. Online casino reviews are helpful too. If you go on and read Lucky days casino review you will certainly find useful information that will help you get started on the journey. Like the online casinos mentioned above, Lucky Days Casino doesn’t fall behind on the game choices or the welcome bonuses it provides. Try out the EkstraPoint platform for additional points and bonuses, and enjoy the ride!

Winorama Casino

It may seem like a new addition because the Winorama casino was launched in 2016, but it doesn’t lack quality or entertainment for its players. What makes Winorama casino stand out from the crowd is its eye-pleasing graphic and aesthetic game design. Your experience will undoubtedly be a memorable one if you decide to give this online casino a try. As for the EkstraPoint platform – the same goes for Winorama as for the rest. Points and bonuses await those willing to try.

Rizk Casino

This is the second casino on the list that was founded in Malta. Nonetheless, it is still available for players from the UK, New Zealand, Sweden, Canada, Norway, and India. Rizk Casino’s game choice is rich and diverse – it offers more than 400 online slots, virtual games, sports, live dealer games, and scratch cards. Additionally, another thing you should be aware of is that Rizk Casino offers immense fun and enjoyable experience, it has a mobile responsive website (for additional comfort), and it has a fast response feature. No downloads and no additional free space on your phone are required. You can simply log on to the website, sign up – and have fun! Also, read the 6 incredible ways to win money at Rizk.

poker game

A Couple of Final Words

From what we can read above, it is clear to see that poker is a game that offers both thrill and a chance to win big money. No matter the driving force in your case, it is certainly a game worth learning, or if you already know the rules – worth investing time to advance and become better. It may seem like a long road ahead, but building experience and developing tricks, techniques, and strategies is part of the fun and thrill this game offers. Since the game enjoys such immense popularity, it was only a matter of time before it became digitized. As it happens with pretty much everything around us, it is no wonder that today you can enjoy playing poker from the comfort of your home any time you feel like it. Online casinos have made the entire experience much more convenient than before and definitely, it has made poker an accessible game for everyone around the world. Remember, before engaging in an online poker game, do your homework. Read about the online casinos available on the Internet, do your research, and ensure that everything is in order before you sign up and provide personal information. This way, you can warrant a safe user experience, and you won’t bother yourself with the possibility of fraud or scams. And finally, once you finish your online casino readings, don’t forget to educate yourself on the game as well. Once you master the basic rules, keep on reading and playing for more. Stay curious, and you will do great! Good luck!