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Game Summary May 2024

Willy’s Hot Chillies is a new fantastic video slot game from NetEnt. The slot is full of Multiplier Wild symbols. These can have either 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x multipliers. If you land two or more Multiplier Wild symbols land on pay lines, their multipliers are added. If you get a bonus symbol with Stacked Wild symbols, you will activate Willy’s Hot Wheel feature.

During this amazing bonus round, the reel fills up with Wild Symbols, which will transform into pointers. These fiery pointers take you to a carousel of great features, including coin wins, extra pointers, extra rounds and fantastic multipliers.

Willy’s Hot Chillies Slot Game Review


Willy has hot chillies, but also so much more. This video slot is by the famous provider NetEnt. And this new creation offers the players fun times and a lot of surprises! Whether you are looking for an amazing bonus game, Multiplier Wild features or glorious graphics, this game is just for you!

How to play Willy’s Hot Chillies Slot

Before you get to enjoy spicy chillies, you need to place your bets. Once you are satisfied with the value and amount of the coins, you can simply hit the Spin button, and enjoy the reels spinning! You may also choose the Autoplay option, so you don’t have to keep on pressing the Spin button all the time.

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You can see the winning combinations and payouts from the paytable. There you can also find the value of different symbols.

High-value symbols include treasure chest, pinata, green chilli bottle and a taco. Classic symbols work as low-value symbols. Curly Chili is the Multiplier Wild Symbol.

Willy has some special benefits in his sleeve. You have the following features waiting for you in this game:

Coin Win – A random coin win multiplies your bet between 1x and 30x.

+3 Spins Symbol – Get 3 extra Willy’s Hot Wheel spins on the Fire Pointer when it lands on this symbol.

Extra Symbol – Transform one of the reels into Fire Pointer with the same amount of Fire Pointers as there are on this symbol. If all reels are Fire Pointers, Extra Symbol adds three more Willy’s Hot Wheel spins on the Fire Pointer which landed on this symbol.

Chilli Multiplier symbol – Rises the Chilli Multiplier with one until the end of Willy’s Hot Wheel round.

This game truly is filled with Multiplier Wild features. Symbols can land on the reels 2 – 5. Stacks can fill from one position to the entire realm depending on how they land on the reels.

Every multiplier Wild symbol has one of the following multipliers: 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x. All pay lines win Multiplier Wild Symbols, and they will be multiplied with the current multiplier. If two or more Multiplier wilds land on winning pay lines, their Multipliers are added.

Bonus Features and Free Spins

Willy’s Hot Chillies in fact has a fantastic bonus game, which is known as Whilly’s Hot Wheel feature. If you land a bonus symbol on reel 1 or with multiple Multiplier wild symbols, the bonus round will activate.

During the Willy’s Hot Wheel round, you will notice the Chilli multipliers on the side. In the middle there is a carousel with many different fantastic winning products.

All the winnings are multiplied with the Chilli multiplier. Everytime when Chilli Multiplier lands on Willy’s Hot Wheel, Chilli Multiplier will rise with one until the end of the round. Winnings are calculated when the Chilli multiplier has stopped rising.

Reels that are filled with Multiplier Wild symbols will transform into Pointers during the Willy’s Hot Wheel Bonus Game.

Mobile Experience

Do you want to enjoy the spicy but tasty game also on the move? In that case, we have some good news, because the game works perfectly also with mobile and tablet devices. Whether you are an Apple or Android user, the slot will come with you in your pocket.


Willy’s Hot Chillies truly is a fantastic new video slot game. It is full of different features, an amazing bonus game and both graphics and sound effects are great. Not to forget that the game is suitable for computers just like mobile devices. Try your luck already today on this spicy game!

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