Imagine making a pit stop to rest a little, buying some drinks and a scratchcard, and later finding out you are 1,000,000 dollars richer. That happened to 18-year-old Dalton Radford from Dallas when stopping in a store in North Carolina.

Testing luck with instant games

Mr.Radford from Dallas bought a $10 scratchcard while having a break between his daily jobs. He said he was on the way to his other daily job when stopping to refresh himself at a store. You can imagine his happiness when he scratched the ticket and saw the whopping amount won! 

The first thing the man did was call his parents and grandfather to share the good news. Perhaps his grandfather was Radford’s lucky charm because he had previously advised his grandson to buy a lottery ticket, having a gut feeling the young man would win.  

What will Radford do with the money? 

The young man is still under the impression of the win and is unsure what to do, but he wants a new Chevrolet Silverado. That truck costs around $36K but can come in more expensive advanced versions. 

Applying taxes on the win will lower the prize, leaving the winner with $427,063 after all calculations. There is an option to get the entire one million prize, but the winner must opt-in to receive the amount for 20 years, with an annual payment. 

The North Carolina instant winners 

North Carolina lottery has awarded four million-dollar prizes this year, and one more is in circulation. Only a few people pay attention to scratchcards when going to stores, and sometimes they only keep them when they see they are instant winners. 

However, many scratchcards have second-chance promotions and side games, which also award significant amounts. For example, the North Carolina lottery offers five “second-chance” instant games that can turn a ticket into a fortune.

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