The leading gaming operator, BetMGM, teams up with the International Center for responsible gaming to support a new research initiative on the effect of advertising on problem gambling. BetMGM is focused on providing customers with responsible gaming knowledge and a safe gaming environment. Thus, they are proud to answer ICRG’s call for research proposals since the Center is a prominent source in problem gaming research.

BetMGM Partners Up with the International Center for Responsible Gaming

ICRG was founded in 1996, and since then, it has funded some of the most important research around the world. As a responsible center, it also launched a field of study to explore gambling disorders and responsible gambling.

They are inspired by the individuals and families affected by the gambling disorder and are devoted to helping them through research and evidence-based programs. ICRG’s mission is to increase the understanding of gambling problems and find effective treatment methods. Today, with the assistance of many generous organizations and individuals, ICRG has committed over 40 million dollars in unprecedented funding for gambling research.

BetMGM is a popular sports betting and gaming entertainment company that continues to expand to new markets, and responsible gaming remains a key focus. The decision to answer ICRG’s call for funding and research proposal came naturally and will provide valuable learning for moving forward.

The partnership marks another step in BetMGM’s responsible gambling efforts. These include providing resources to help gamblers play responsibly, including GameSense, a program developed and licensed to MGM Resorts by the British Columbia Lottery Corporation. 

BetMGM supports a new research initiative with a generous donation

The International Center for Responsible Gaming (ICRG) announced that it received a $180,000 grant from BetMGM in support of the organization’s research: the advertising impact on problem gambling.The generous contribution complements BetMGM’s already existing gambling tools, including GameSense, providing customers with a fun and safe digital gaming experience.

Arthur Paikowsky, the President of the ICRG, commented that the Center is pleased to accept this historic grant from BetMGM and emphasized its importance for the gaming industry. The findings from the evidence-based research study will allow ICRG to identify the potential risks and improve the best practices for the gambling market. They commend the gaming operator for partnering to better inform the players, operators, legislators, and the media.

On the other end of the partnership, Richard Taylor, the Senior Manager of Responsible Gaming at BetMGM, said that this groundbreaking research is key to their constant effort to provide responsible gaming knowledge. In addition, it will provide them with valuable learnings and serve as the industry’s guide.

As the gaming industry grows worldwide, the influential research of the ICRG is driving change, and BetMGM is pleased to be a part of it. Follow EkstraPoint for the latest updates in the iGaming industry. While you’re here, you can also enjoy our wide selection of games and get the best casino bonus promotions.