Facebook is starting to introduce some policies that affect online gambling ads. With the new guidelines, advertisers must comply with local regulations and not target anyone under 18. Also, ads for online gambling must have written approval to reach individuals. 

The social media giant updated its policies in the last few days. Under the new rules, companies promoting online gambling must contact Meta first to obtain written permission. 

What does the new updated Facebook policy mean?

An updated advertising policy means that all gambling companies must submit a form. In that form, companies will have to present enough information and evidence that they offer licensed products in the jurisdiction they plan to target with their ads. 

Meta described online gambling as any service or product with a monetary value as a method to enter and as a prize. Any ads that include the promotion of such activities on Facebook will fall under the new advertising policy. Meta also specifically stated that gambling ads must not target individuals below 18. 

Which common types of gambling fall under this Facebook policy?

All forms of gambling, such as sports betting, casino gaming, lotteries, raffles, poker, bingo, fantasy sports, sweepstakes and skill game tournaments, fall under this policy Facebook introduced. But it won’t be limited just to these games that require only cash, but also to those that need cryptocurrencies to participate. Ultimately, all games that require individuals to pay to join for the possibility of winning prizes fall under the new Meta regulations. 

Meta also pointed out that even those gambling ads that lead to landing pages that contain game promotions are also subject to this regulation. They would also need to obtain written permission, even if there is no option to gamble on that page. An example of these would be the affiliate and aggregator sites.

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