GamCare, a UK organization that helps players control their gambling habits, called for a self-exclusion protocol for people involved in high-risk crypto gambling. 

GamCare notes that it has recorded an increase in people who experience problems with crypto-trading daily. That is similar to the issues that people have with problem gambling. 

Besides self-exclusion options and features, GamCare suggests websites that accept cryptocurrency trading to implement various tools and provide strategies that could help identify customers prone to problematic trading. For example, limit the deposits, trading amounts, gambling, etc. 

GamCare representatives have stated that in the past few years, they have helped many people with their practical advice and effective tools for those struggling with controlling their online gambling habits. 

Ways Of Protection Online 

Various blocking software and self-exclusion tools can protect online players from experiencing gambling problems. GamStop, another reputable, responsible gaming company, offers such tools as part of its campaigns. 

Cryptocurrencies are becoming increasingly popular for trading, online shopping and gambling, but they also come with risks. They can potentially harm risk gamblers, and self-exclusion tools would benefit many. 

And it’s not just about gambling – many products, crypto, binary options, and CFDs have many things in common with casino platforms – they are easy to register on, encourage investing & gambling, and even have some game-like characteristics. 

Self-exclusion tools are not there to ban players from enjoying their activities but rather to allow them to cool off if necessary. Sometimes it can be easy to get carried away online and engage in risky activities, especially related to money and finances. 

Luckily, organizations exist to guide people in a good direction and show them the positive and negative sides of online trades so that they can make informed decisions. 

If you believe you might be developing a gambling problem, contact specialized responsible gambling hotlines and use tools to help you regain control of your habit.