As one of the better game providers in online gaming entertainment, Better Live is thrilled to introduce its latest innovation in the world of gaming – Gravity Roulette. This exciting new game show offers a unique and thrilling experience that keeps players engaged and returning for more. 

The Beter Live, a live casino subsidiary of Beter, has announced the addition of a new game show to its already impressive collection of modern and classic games. Gravity Roulette, the latest addition to the Beter Live portfolio, will be accessible on their gaming platform from the 8th of March.

Players can look forward to payouts and high multipliers in this exciting new roulette game version. The game will take place in a studio designed to support the latest trends in the gaming industry, creating an immersive and enjoyable experience for players.

Anna Vikmane, Director of Beter Live, said they are thrilled to present their first game show – Gravity Roullete. They spent the last year building up a substantial offering for our partners, but this game takes it to a new level. They wanted to create a product that would look good and keep players engaged with its jaw-dropping multipliers on all inside bets.

Beter CEO Gal Ehrlich expressed his excitement at adding the first game show to the Beter Live collection, with several other games in the Gravity series set to follow soon. Players worldwide can’t wait to see what this innovative and forward-thinking company will come up with next.

The game will officially launch on the 8th of March, so let’s examine what it is all about.

What is Gravity Roulette?

Gravity Roulette is a game show that offers a new and innovative take on classic roulette. The game has a setting in a high-tech studio with a circular platform where the roulette wheel sits. The gaming platform has a wall of monitors that display a stunning visual display of the game.

How to Play Gravity Roulette

Players will play the game like traditional roulette but with a twist. The players place their bets on a touchscreen monitor, and the host then spins the roulette wheel on the circular platform. The twist is that the platform rotates opposite the wheel’s spin, creating a thrilling and unique gaming experience. The ball eventually lands on a number, and players win or lose their bets accordingly.

The Advantages of Playing Gravity Roulette

Gravity Roulette offers a range of benefits that make it a must-play game for all gaming enthusiasts. These include:

The stunning visuals and innovative game mechanics create a highly immersive gaming experience that transports players to a world of excitement and adventure.

The unique game mechanics of Gravity Roulette offer a fresh take on traditional roulette, providing players with a thrilling and unique gaming experience.

Gravity Roulette is incredibly easy to play, with a touch screen monitor making it simple for even novice players to place their bets and get started.

The gaming platform is highly secure, ensuring players enjoy their gaming experience without worrying about safety or security.

An Excellent Live Game to Play 

Gravity Roulette is the latest innovation in online gaming with its stunning visuals, unique game mechanics, and an easy-to-use touchscreen interface. Gravity Roulette will indeed become a hit with gaming enthusiasts worldwide. Come and join the excitement today, and experience the thrill of Gravity Roulette for yourself!

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