Recently, iGaming Ontario released its first gambling market report about the performance in the first quarter of operations, concluding on June 30th, 2022. When looking at the revenues and the number of active gambling accounts, we can see that Ontarians are very interested in playing in a regulated market where they feel safe and protected.

The Ontario iGaming market aims to be the best jurisdiction in the world, and a quick look at the numbers will show you that they are on the right way. Ontario is getting more attractive to gambling operators and players, and the base keeps growing daily.

An Incredible Revenue and Wagering Continues

There are incredible facts regarding the first three months of legalized gambling in Ontario. The total bets of players amount to $4,076 billion without using bonuses or promotions.

There are 492,00 active player accounts with wagering activities. The total gaming revenue for the first three months is a whopping $162 million, including tournament and rake fees, as well as other fees. These include income from all gambling operators collected between April 4th to June 30th, 2022.

The current number of gambling operators is 18, and casino websites are 31, but that number keeps growing, so check the official website of iGaming Ontario to see the updated list.

iGaming Ontario Reports Will Come Up Regularly

iGaming Ontario announced they plan to share their market insight reports and aggregate revenue with the public. These reports will come out quarterly to inform the public about the latest developments in the iGaming industry.

In the future, we shall also expect to receive valuable information about the player demographics, gaming product segments, the online casino market’s growth, and its economic impact on the gaming industry.