Rootz Meets the Players’ Safety Requirements

The German gambling market is now one fast-growing iGaming operator richer. Rootz will be providing its online slot games to German players. Rootz is one of the first slot providers in this market, operating under the regulations of the Malta Gaming Authority.

On September 22, last week, Rootz announced it is obtaining a German gambling licence and meeting the State Treaty on Gambling requirements updated in 2021. With this entering approval, Rootz guarantees the players’ and minors’ safety and an excellent gambling experience with specific betting politics.

Entering the German Market With 3 Different Brands

The roots of Rootz were planted in 2018 when seasoned iGaming professionals founded this company. The company has been continuously growing since then, with a primary focus on innovative and creative slots programming. In essence, Rootz is primarily dedicated to the quality of its products rather than quantity. Professionals at the company combine high-tech graphics with highly-popular trends to produce entertaining and safe products.

One of the products entering the German gambling market is Spinz Casino, with two other brands, each with a different offer. The three offers will be made in compliance with the technical specifications, as well as the requirements for youth and player protection. Rootz also launched its new fourth brand, Wheelz Casino, a year after launching the Spinz Casino. Still, we have no information about the fourth offer related to this brand.

Following the licence granted last month to SlotMagie, an online casino operated by The Mill Adventure, Rootz is the latest Malta-based iGaming operator with strong ambitions for the German slots market.

Rootz’s CEO, Lasse Rantala, expressed his delight in this deal and the entrance into the German gambling market by meeting all the requirements and safety policies for the players. Other iGaming operators like TipWin, MyBet, Merkur and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Glücksspiel (DGGS) already have a licence for operating in Germany and are competing with Rootz in this field.