Who Was This Lucky Person?

The identity of the lucky winner hasn’t been officially confirmed by Loto-Quebéc, but people close to the young man disclosed that the winning ticket was purchased in the south of Quebéc City, at the IGA Extra in the Saint-Romuald district of Levis.

It is interesting to note that for having sold the winning ticket, the store will receive an equivalent to 1% of the prize, i.e. $700,000 commission.

According to two co-workers, the 22-year-old received the good news about his winnings while he was at work. Overwhelmed by the good news, he was shaking and crying in disbelief and wasn’t in a state to drive home alone, so his father had to come to pick him up, a report from IGA.

Without confirming the winner, Loto-Québec head of public relations, Patrice Lavoie, announced that the company would hold a press conference to announce the winner, saying that it could be a shared jackpot.

This $70-million prize comes during Loto-Quebéc’s 50th-anniversary celebration and is the biggest ever won in the province’s lottery corporation. In addition, the draw resulted in eight $1-million prizes being won in Quebéc, Ontario, Atlantic Canada and the Prairies.

In less than two months, this is the second time a $70 million jackpot is at stake. The last draw was won on January 7th by Adlin Lewis, a credit risk manager from Brampton in Ontario. As a result, the total value of sales in Canada exceeded $88 million, according to a report from Loto-Québec.

The draw for this monumental win generated total sales of around $54.1 million, and the next Lotto Max jackpot will be a modest $19 million prize. The odds of winning the Lotto Max grand prize are one in 33 million. You sure need to have luck, but in order to win, you must play first!

This rags-to-riches story will definitely remind you that you may be lucky and not even know it. Be aware and make your lucky purchase today.