Unfortunately for World Cup fans, the Belgian National Lottery will ban all sports betting advertising activities during and after the Qatar World Cup. After the federal finance minister of Belgium, Vincent Van Peteghem, decided on this ban. There were many disagreements about the country’s new gambling regulations.

Betting ban dissatisfaction

For example, the Belgian politician and lawyer Georges-Louis Bouchez strictly contradicts this decision. He tweeted that this excessive measure would put the sports sector in considerable difficulty. A sport like a football cannot destroy a country like Belgium, and this ban is totally unnecessary.

The new policy focuses on player protection and fights against gambling addiction during World Cup; that’s where the National Lottery takes a leading role. Sports and supporter experiences should be a central force in World Cups, but this sports betting ban makes everything terrible.

TV, radio, and written media would not be allowed to promote sports betting. By setting such limits, the National Lottery wants to set a good example for everyone else. As the Lottery continues to fight against gambling addiction and channel players toward safer gaming environments, the minister must take a leadership role in this stage.

Critical points for preventing gambling addiction 

We are all witnesses of advertisements for gambling that may cause addictions. The gambling behaviour of more than 100,000 people in Belgium is problematic, and a third of them already have severe addictions. Stopping sports betting advertisements during the Qatar World Cup is due to the nature of the tournament and its current worldwide popularity.

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