Ezugi, one of the top live casino games providers, launched their latest addition, Dream Catcher, a live game show where players can win up to €100,000 by spinning a money wheel. The wheel game show has several multipliers, which makes the game very exciting. 

Origins of the Dream Catcher game

Evolution Gaming originally developed the live game show Dream Catcher – a top live casino game provider and a parent company of Ezugi. They have already created similar lottery-style casino games, such as Golden Balls and Bet On Numbers, in the Ezugi game portfolio.

Dream Catcher is an exciting live lottery game show where players play on a super-sized money wheel with 54 segments. The game’s primary goal is to predict where the wheel will stop. 52 out of 54 sectors have a corresponding number to the bet, with an adequate payout. For example, betting number 1 has a 1:1 payout, betting on number 2 has a payout of 1:2, betting on number 5 has a payout of 1:5, and so on. 

However, one thing that makes Dream Catcher unique compared to other wheel games is that it has two multiplier segments, 2x and 7x. That allows players to multiply their wins for a maximum potential payout of a whopping €100,000!

Where to play the Dream Catcher casino game 

Ezugi’s games are available in many top online casinos, and the Dream Catcher game is streamed live, in real time, to the customers. Players can enjoy fast action every few minutes, enjoying a top-rated live casino game show. Ezugi representatives are confident that Dream Catcher will attract players with its immediate live-money gaming action, thrill, and rewarding multipliers. The game mechanics of Dream Catcher are easy to understand, and multipliers can lead to successive spins and wins. 

Besides playing in the recommended online casinos, the Dream Catcher game is available in various betting shops and retail gambling spots. At such places, players can interact with the cashier interface and watch the action develop on TV displays. 

Hopefully, you will find this game very attractive. We invite you to explore other engaging casino games by exploring our competitions section, where you can participate for free and win real money.