Current State of Gaming Affairs in Ontario

All operators currently in Ontario operating without a licence from AGCO must stop their operations voluntarily, or the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario will do that for them on October 31st.

So far, Ontario has been very liberal regarding gambling laws, not taking any measures against unregulated gambling operators, who got expelled from other jurisdictions like the Netherlands.

Regulating the Market Means No More Favored Operators

The Dutch Gaming Authority, for example, chose to take a different approach recently and expelled many companies, including established gaming operators, that operated before the market legalization.

On the other hand, Ontario showed leniency towards such operators without taking any measures. However, that is about to change, with everyone required to play by the rules of the AGCO.

The new policy obliges gaming operators that work unregulated to stop their activities. Otherwise, they will jeopardize their registration eligibility and may be penalized.

Goodbye to Shady Offshore Gambling Sites

The upcoming changes are supposed to eliminate the so-called “grey area.” In the past, Ontario was very liberal in allowing gaming companies to target residents, often ignoring what was happening on the market. That prompted many online casinos in the province, allowing them to build a vast customer base and profits.

According to the local Ontario government, offshore operators raked up to an estimated billion dollars a year without paying taxes. Those days will soon be over as the grey market gambling will bid its farewell to Ontario.