In two days’ time, all eyes will be set on Qatar, which is ready to stage the historic FIFA World Cup. Just like any other year, the safest bet during the 2022 World Cup is that each tournament is sure to attract a massive pool of money from bettors worldwide.

 According to the managing director of integrity services at Sportradar, Andreas Krannich, there will be more than one billion euros wagered on each match. 

Fifa World Cup wagering expected to hit almost $2 billion

According to the survey carried out by the American Gambling Association, over 20.5 million Americans are planning to bet on the 2022 Fifa World Cup. Three in ten Americans who are planning on watching the tournament said they also intend to make a wager. 

The survey also showed that Gen Z and Millennial adults are more interested in placing a wager than Gen X and Baby Boomers. If you are wondering who most Americans are betting for, then according to the data, most people would put their money on the U.S. to win the Cup, followed by Brazil, Argentina and Germany.

The data collected from the survey also shows that over:

Considering that the estimated number of Americans watching the World Cup is great, there is also plenty of room for growth in terms of betting.

Legal sports betting to deepen American fans’ engagement in the most popular sports event in the world

The Fifa World Cup opens a widespread availability of legal sports betting, which makes it the most bet-upon event in the U.S. The American Gambling Association’s Senior Vice President, Casy Clark, believes that more than half of adult Americans have access to legal sports betting options, so they will be more engaged in what is to be an epic sports experience.

This opinion is also supported by the survey, where respondents agreed that betting should be done legally, with 78% emphasizing its importance. In that regard, Clark also suggests that every fan who plans on wagering needs to have a responsible game plan.

The 2022 World Cup will kick off this Sunday. So, you should keep it fun, set a personal budget and play only with legal and regulated operators.