AdmiralBet, a Novo Interactive brand, has announced the extension of its exclusive partnership with Hamburger SV, a famous German football club, until 30 June 2024. This renewed partnership will see AdmiralBet continue as the sports betting partner of Hamburger SV and provide content for the club’s social media channels, including its AdmiralBet series.

Improved Branding Presence

As part of the deal, AdmiralBet will display its branding on video and LED boards at Hamburger SV’s home stadium, Volkparkstadion. That will help to increase further AdmiralBet’s brand recognition among Hamburger SV’s loyal fan base.

Engaging Fans through Interactive Games

AdmiralBet’s numbers game will be available during the second half of this season, which is one of the most exciting aspects of the partnership. This interactive tool allows Hamburger SV fans to test their knowledge and compete with their friends on match days. This game is a creative way to engage with the club’s supporters and create a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Continuing a Successful Partnership

As Novo Interactive’s director of marketing and operations, Florian Hermann expressed his excitement at continuing the partnership, stating that “the fans and the passion for football are our focus.” Hermann added, “we are underscoring this with the sponsorship extension.” We look forward to continuing our trusting partnership in the coming season.”

The board of directors of HSV Fußball AG also expressed satisfaction with the extended partnership, saying that the cooperation between HSV and AdmiralBet has a basis on mutual trust and reliability, which explains why the partnership will keep going for a total of five years. It’s exciting to see how joint projects that combine both business areas lead to creative content formats for their fans. 

This partnership between AdmiralBet and Hamburger SV is a testament to the success of their collaboration in the past and the bright future ahead. With new and innovative ways to engage with fans and increase brand awareness, both parties will benefit from this continued partnership for years to come.

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