The legal sports betting industry has noted some growth in several countries in the US. However, according to new Ipsos, only 10 percent of Americans have placed their bets in the past year. Moreover, the poll showed that a group of high-income sports enthusiasts are responsible for the continuous growth in sports betting.

Ipsos Study and the Latest Findings

Ipsos is one of the world’s most famous market research and poll companies. It operates across 90 markets and serves over 5000 clients globally. The Ipsos Sports Poll was conducted from January 13-15, 2023, using the probability-based KnowledgePanel, the largest and most reliable online-probability panel. The survey was in English, and the data were weighted to account for factors such as age, gender, region, race, status and income.

The findings were released this week, and they showed that the growth of the sports betting industry is on the back of a small group of well-off sports enthusiasts. Just 8% of Americans have placed a bet on a live sports betting event online, and even fewer have placed their bets in person. Ipsos poll has also shown that the most popular league to bet on is the NFL, followed by the NBA, NCAA football, NCCA basketball, and horse racing. 

In addition, most bettors can be described as casual and infrequent since the findings show that they bet only once a month or less. Only 5% bet multiple times a week. Delving deeper into the findings, we can see that 68% of the sports bettors are males, and 39% are younger than 35.

Public Opinion on Sports Betting

Americans are divided on whether sports betting should be legalized or not. Ipsos poll has covered questions on this matter. One in three Americans supports legalizing sports betting both in person and online. The poll showed that sports fans, men, and bettors are more likely to support legalizing sports betting. 

Moreover, one in three Americans thinks sports betting can get people more engaged in sports, and 69% of official sports bettors believe the same. 

The vast majority of Americans who do not bet on sports said that they think it is a waste of money or do not follow sports to bet on them. On the other hand, nearly three in five Americans (59%) say that people should present their money how they want. Finally, 37% say that sports betting is entirely wrong and may lead to addiction. At EkstraPoint, we share exciting news in the casino and sports betting industry. Make sure you check our site to be up-to-date with the latest happenings. Also, if you are looking for free slots, we host exciting competitions to join for real money!